Wellblue Alkaline Black Water Filter Pitcher

Our alkaline pitcher provides the highest level of contaminant removal of any non-electric ionizing product available today – and the water is alkaline, filled with antioxidant power, and delicious!

Product Features

  • alkaline filter water pitcher

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3 thoughts on “Wellblue Alkaline Black Water Filter Pitcher

  1. Works! First off, ensure that if you are looking to this product for adding alkaline water to your diet, you are concurrently testing your water. Our tap water was moderately alkaline, but this pitcher definitely enhances the water. My husband and I test our water and also get bottled water, since Southern California isn’t known for the greatest of water quality. We double tap our water … using bottled water and running it through this pitcher. Like previous reviewers, I found that the…

  2. The best Alkaline water. We love it, and you’ll love it too. I love this water filter! I use it every day, and I am going to get a second one for work. Really, I can tell the difference and I have tested it myself for PH level and it’s up there at about 9.5. That is amazing! Since then, I have recommended it to my entire family, and now they all use it as well. One thing though, I do not put in tap water in it. I use clean filtered water and then run it in there, so that I get extra clean water that is alkaline. This is a product that I’m going to…

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