Water Filter Pitcher, HoLife Alkaline Water Pitcher with 1 Carbon Filter Cartridge

1.Why do We Need a Water Filter Pitcher?
We mostly associate diseases with a change in weather or having food in unhygienic locations. But we tend to overlook the fact that even water can cause these diseases. Through tap water you might be unknowingly consuming substances like chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides and much more. While tap water anyway contains impurities, boiling it doesn’t remove all of the harmful substances either.
So try to have a water filter to feel how tasty and healthy tap water is.

2. What is Alkaline Water?
Alkaline water, pH between 9- 10, can be produced from tap water by the process of electrolysis, adding an electrical charge to minerals in the water. Distilled water cannot be used, as it does not contain minerals. Our filter separates water into acidic and alkaline channels. The alkaline water has concentrated calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

3. Acidic Diet Effects
When people eat an acidic diet, body has to balance blood pH by leaching important minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium from tissues, bones, and teeth. This contributes to bone loss, tooth decay, and cellular aging. People with systems that are acidic, as measured by saliva pH, can have many symptoms and disorders including muscle and joint pain, fatigue, headaches, indigestion etc.

Dimensions: 11.22*5.71*10.63in
Weight: 28.2oz

Attention Please
1. For Normal Size Fridge Using, depending on your fridge size
2. As to the gravity, water in the reservoir loose the top with the reservoir. So you can hold the top when pouring for safety and elegance.

Product Features

  • CLEAN, FRESH & PURE– We Do Care About Body Health. HoLife Filter Cartridge is designed to remove sediment, chlorine& zinc with 6 layers purification, reduces metallic /toxic contaminants that may be present to make tap water more healthy and better taste.
  • SAFE DRINKING– HoLife Pitcher is made from premium (BPA FREE) food grade AS & ABS materials preventing from plastic smell and BPA harm to brain, liver and kidney especially to children.
  • EFFICIENTLY FILTER– Pitcher body is 3L while with the reservoir is 2.25L, which means, with Flow Control Tech (0.7L/Min), you can get 10 cup of pure water in 3 min (Equal to about 6 Tins of Coke).
  • INCREASES ENERGY LEVELS & IMMUNE SYSTEM– After fluently filtered, you can instantly get alkaline water which can help body to remove free radicals and eliminates Toxins with powerful antioxidants and high negative ORP.
  • REMIND TIME TO REPLACE FILTER-All filter should be replaced after days using and HoLife Filter Cartridge is about 4 weeks. And it is built with a filter replacement reminder for consumers to decide is time to change filter or not. (P.S. Filter Life is depend on how much and how often you using but total is for 300L and average time is 4 weeks)

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2 thoughts on “Water Filter Pitcher, HoLife Alkaline Water Pitcher with 1 Carbon Filter Cartridge

  1. Nicely designed pitcher. Good way to reduce chlorine. I got this water pitcher primarily for two reasons:1) It is nice to have an actual water pitcher (I was just reusing old soda bottles before).2) I want to reduce the chlorine level in my water.The reason I like reducing chlorine in water is because I like to make my own soda using ginger bug. I have found to do this, normal tap water does not work that well because of the chlorine, but after going through this filter, my ginger bug works faster. Cool cool…

  2. Safe, Easy, fast, Water Filter Pitcher I live in the foothills where we have wonderful, good tasting, well water. At work I can’t drink the water, it is horribly over-chlorinated. I got this to take to work, and now i have great tasting water at work! This is very simple, insert the new filter, set the filter replacement reminder, pour in the awful chlorinated water, wait a couple of minutes, and now i can drink good tasting, safe, water!It’s just that easy! I’m not sure about the alkaline increase, but i do know it tastes…

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