Water Filter Pitcher Filtration Alkaline – BPA Free, 10 Cup Large Size Fast Flow With 2 Filters By Hskyhan

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10 cup capacity Hskyhan Pitcher Water Filters With advanced 5-layer filtration technology, remove all the harmful substances in tap water.

Use filtered tap wafer for: cooking, infant formula, coffee, tea and juice, ice cubes, pets, etc , enjoy the most pure tasting water.

For example, the tea and coffee aroma is more likely to emit.


Package Included

 1 x Hskyhan water filter jug

 1 x user manual

 2 x Filter Cartridges



 1. Wash hands before touching the filter and rinse with cold water for 15 seconds. The first 2 pitchers of filtered water may contain carbon dust , Use on plants or discard.

 2, Do not use hot water, water temperature above 100.4 ℉ (38 ℃) affect the use of results.

3, Change filter every 40 gallons or approximately every 1 months.

Product Features

  • BEST PERFORMANCE: Passing NSF and SGS certified filter pitchers. filling 2.5L of total capacity, 1.3L after filtration. Using AS food grade materials, without BPA. No leakages.
  • SUPER CLEAN CAPACITY: 5-level filtration, can effectively filter the impurities in the water, chlorine, bacteria, scale, harmful metals and other substances, remove the odor, to provide clean and healthy drinking water.
  • HIGH QUALITY FILTER: With 2 easy to install filters, use natural coconut shell activity, ion exchange resin, PP meltblown fiber. The filtered water process is smooth and does not clog. 1 filter = 300 bottles 16 ounce plastic bottles.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: Can easily adapt to any refrigerator, ergonomic handle allows you to feel comfortable during use, easy to fill with one hand. Can be quickly assembled or disassembled, very convenient to use.
  • AFTER-SALES GUARANTEE: Exquisite packaging can be used as a gift, 100% strict product testing, if you are not satisfied after the purchase, please contact us immediately, we will give you a full refund within 24 hours.

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3 thoughts on “Water Filter Pitcher Filtration Alkaline – BPA Free, 10 Cup Large Size Fast Flow With 2 Filters By Hskyhan

  1. Nice pitcher works similar to standard water filter what you get in shops around you! Bought this as an alternate to my primary pitcher Brita. This pitcher is pretty big and holds more water than a typical Brita. The water quality is okay. The water tastes more or less similar to what you get from Brita so nothing impressive. However at a cheaper cost, if this can mimic the Brita, I would choose this rather. This order also comes with a couple of filters to make it more value for money. The key here is how they are going to keep the…

  2. Easy to use and cleans water great! Easy to use and cleans water great!I paid for 2 day prime but this came in 1 day, so that was a plus!This pitcher is very easy to use.Just set the filter in the pitcher and pour in water.My little daughter can do it with ease.The result is clean ,filtered water that has gone through a 5 level filtration process.I did a side by side comparison of water from the tap and water filtered through this and there is a…

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