The Original Alkaline Water and Electrolyte Concentrate by Alka-Pure® | 9.5+ pH Filtered Water | Sugar Free | 60 Pack | 30 Day Supply

Alka-pure GoPak is the original alkaline water concentrate. Founded in 2008 in Southern California, Alka-pure was created to meet a need in the alkaline water market space. The fact that bottled alkaline water starts to lose it’s pH days after being bottled was a problem. The solution was to give people the power to hydrate when they needed it, Alka-pure was born. Our chemists formulated a concentrate with a GUARANTEED 10 year shelf life! More importantly it is a perfect travel size to take with you to the gym, work, hiking or just out and about. It truly is alkaline water and hydration when YOU want/need it. Turn any water between 9- 10pH making it alkaline. This also reduces the acidity in your diet that can lead to a host of problems and disease. No one will dispute the fact that HYDRATION IS THE KEY TO LIFE, let Alka-pure get you HYDRATED.

  • Hydration
  • Anti-Aging
  • Digestive Health | Acid Reflux
  • Increase Energy
  • Brain Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Detoxification
  • So what are you waiting for? Order now and start reaping these BENEFITS!

    Product Features

    • Restore Your Body | 9 – 10 pH alkaline water when YOU need it. Bottled alkaline water starts to lose it’s pH within days from bottling. Alka-Pure has a GUARANTEED 10 Year Shelf life! GoPak GoLife!
    • Hydration | Being dehydrated can lead to lack of energy, inflammation, dry skin, irritability, disease and many more health issues. Let Alka-Pure keep you hydrated.
    • 5 Essential Electrolyte Minerals | Our minerals are pre-chelated for maximum absorption rate. These minerals are essential for nutrient support and many heart, nerve and muscle functions.
    • Acid Reflux | Having a diet that is highly acidic can cause discomfort. Adding Alka-Pure Concentrate to your coffee, wine or other acidic beverages will increase the pH levels which reduces the acidity that can lead to acid reflux. So go ahead and enjoy that coffee again!
    • 100% All Natural | Sugar Free, No Artificial Sweeteners or Chemicals added. We are Vegan approved and Keto Diet approved. Packaging is BPA and EA Free. There is not a cleaner product on the market.

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3 thoughts on “The Original Alkaline Water and Electrolyte Concentrate by Alka-Pure® | 9.5+ pH Filtered Water | Sugar Free | 60 Pack | 30 Day Supply

  1. Great product in a package that is not only convenient and meets TSA requirements for airline carryon luggage, but is the most environmentally-considerate product I’ve found. I use only filtered water in refillable bottles and adding a GoPak in the morning and at night gets me what I need. No huge carbon footprint with getting this product to the consumer and it’s portability makes it ultra-easy for travelers to begin and end their day with the many benefits of alkaline water. Make things easy…

  2. Love it, works great! I’ve tried at least half a dozen different alkaline additives and drop-per-drop Alka-pure is the best value to get your waters ph up to 9.5. We used to buy the water bottles but the GoPaks are easier to travel with and frees up space at home, we’re GoPak exclusive now. Big plus that it doesn’t change the taste of your water/drink. Accompanying a mindful diet and consistent exercise routine, I’ve noticed a significant increase in my own energy levels and my hunay no…

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