The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water – The Definitive Guide to the World’s Healthiest Substance

Water is our best defense against disease of every kind. Sixty percent or more of all chronic disease would be significantly reduced if people would simply keep themselves properly hydrated. To ionize means to gain or lose an electron. Essentially, the ionization process robs an electron from one molecule and donates, or transfers, it to another molecule. Both Alkaline and Acid Ionized Water have extraordinary properties and benefits, however, their respective uses could not be more different. We consume Alkaline Ionized Water and use the Acid Ionized Water on the outside of our bodies for acne, cuts, scrapes and rashes of all kinds. It kills bacteria on contact and encourages plant growth. The centerpiece of Alkaline Ionized Water are its antioxidant properties. It is miraculous that normal tap water can be instantly transformed into a strong antioxidant. Alkaline Ionized Water has two antioxidant qualities, its negative charge and the presence of hydroxyl ions which are free radical scavengers. The body is starved for electrons and Alkaline Ionized Water contains an abundance of them, which nullify free radicals in the body. One can thrive on half the normal intake of food as long as we consume high electron-rich nutrients. Alkaline Ionized Water is an extremely effective antioxidant because it is a liquid that has a small grouping of water molecule clusters and thus is more easily absorbed into the body where it can be of immediate use. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water gives you energy through better hydration and alkalization of the body and by providing the body with oxygen. Because of the predominance of hydroxyl ions in Alkaline Ionized Water, the water becomes alkaline, meaning it has a high pH. The pH level can be adjusted with a water ionizer between 7.5 and 9.9, which is the highest pH that it should be consumed. All disease thrives in an acid environment in the body and will not flourish and thrive in an alkaline environment. If we acidify

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  1. Liquid of Life Among other books I have read on water, Mr. McCauley’s book is one of the more passionate about what form of water we should be drinking. That form by his reckoning is ionized water, which is not a natural process but a process imposed upon water. Readers believing that only the natural states of consumables present the highest energy levels for consumption will certainly want to raise inquiry to this premise.I am still on the fence about distilled versus structured versus ionized…

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