The Healing Bottle – Pure Copper Water Bottle – Experience The Ayurvedic Health Benefits of a Joint-Free Indian Copper Pitcher – 750 milliliter Capacity

Energize Your Daily Drinking Water with the Powerful Healing Properties of Copper and Heal Body & Mind from Within!

Are you looking for the best copper water bottle to safeguard your body against diseases?

Or maybe you’re searching for a unique, stunning gift to impress the health and fitness enthusiasts in your life?

Try this premium copper bottle today to purify, detoxify and ionize water and heal your body from the inside out!

What Copper-Enriched Water Can Do for You

Reduce the risk of infections

Boost brain function and heart health

Speed up weight-loss

Eliminate free radicals and slow down aging

Fight inflammations and arthritis

Improve digestion and nutrient absorption

Why “The Healing Bottle” Is the Right Copper Water Bottle for You

Stop wasting your money on poorly made, flimsy copper bottles that fail you after the first few weeks and invest in the #1 copper pitcher on the market to save money in the long run!

Expertly hand-crafted in India

Well-designed lid for 100% reliable leak-proof protection

Wide mouth for easier cleaning


Beautifully packed in black velvet drawstring pouch for effortless portability

Ideal capacity – 750ml

Stylish, antique design

Clean In a Breeze!

Your copper bottle will naturally oxidize. To restore its original shine simply follow these 3 steps:

1. Allow some salt to dissolve on a slice of lemon

2. Rub gently onto the surface of the bottle

3. Rinse off and dry thoroughly

For the inside of the bottle, please clean with mild detergent and water. (Note: Never place in the dishwasher!)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not absolutely satisfied with your new copper water bottle? Contact us for a hassle-free replacement or refund anytime!

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Product Features

  • HEAL BODY & MIND: Discover the numerous health benefits of this age-old Ayurvedic practice that balances the doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and restores overall health with this premium quality, handcrafted copper water bottle! Simply store your drinking water in this copper pitcher overnight and drink first thing in the morning to aid metabolism, eliminate toxins, beat anaemia, fight inflammations and arthritis, boost heart health and fend off dangerous water-borne diseases.
  • FINE-TUNE YOUR METABOLISM: Are you suffering from acidity, constipation, bloating or indigestion? Do you want to help your body shed those extra pounds faster? Then this is for you, too! This Ayurveda copper vessel will naturally purify toxicities in the water, cleanse and detox your digestive system, optimize nutrient absorption (especially iron!) and help break down fat cells to speed up weight loss! Suitable for kids and adults.
  • GET GLOWING, HEALTHY-LOOKING SKIN: Are you looking for an all-natural and super effective way to fade fine lines and boost cell regeneration, without spending a small fortune on expensive anti-aging creams and cosmetics? All you need to do is store your water in this vintage-style copper container and enjoy it fresh and chilled every single day!
  • 100% LEAK-FREE & PORTABLE: Take your copper water bottle to school, work, yoga class, on your travels, camping, backpacking and all your outdoor adventures with peace of mind, knowing that it is thoughtfully designed to provide 100% reliable, leak-proof protection at all times. Boasting a wide mouth for easier cleaning, this rust-proof water flask is the perfect way to keep your body hydrated on the go. The bottle comes in a convenient, black velvet drawstring pouch and is ready for gifting!
  • BUY RISK-FREE: Should you experience any issues with your copper water bottle, feel free to contact us for an immediate replacement or refund. Our friendly and responsive staff is always ready to go above and beyond the norm to ensure your 100% satisfaction! So why wait? Order yours now and experience the powerful health benefits of copper-enriched water yourself!

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2 thoughts on “The Healing Bottle – Pure Copper Water Bottle – Experience The Ayurvedic Health Benefits of a Joint-Free Indian Copper Pitcher – 750 milliliter Capacity

  1. Beautiful copper bottle Beautiful copper bottle. Comes in a nice protective bag. I had never really heard much about the power of copper infused water but I did a little research and was pretty impressed. Since the human body cannot synthesize copper, we need to obtain it from dietary sources. Foods such as nuts, legumes, leafy greens and seafood can be great sources of copper. However, they only provide small amounts of copper, leading us to find the balance from other sources like drinking copper infused water. So…

  2. Very nice ayurvedic copper water bottle! So, I’m just getting into a yoga routine and needed a good ayurvedic water bottle to help keep my body healthy. I did my research and came across this copper water bottle on Amazon. I liked the quality and look, and bought it. Here’s my verdict:1. The copper bottle looked real good on arrival. I tested it by putting tap water in it, capped it and turned it upside down – no leaks! A plus.2. It was deep enough (750ml) that I could carry enough lemon water for my yoga workout and…

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