Aozora Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher【BPA FREE】 Ionizer with Activated Carbon Healthy Mineralized Minutes【PH 8.5-9.5】 18 Cups Capacity – 2019


Aozora is the industry leading manufacturer which aims at providing the best water solution to create a healthier and better living life. Backed with market leading filtration technology and manufacturer’s 1-year warranty, Aozora makes the go-to brand when it comes to water drinking.

We find out that in some countries, tap water is often highly chlorinated and has more contaminants, which is undrinkable, even not safe enough to wash vegetables or to shower. To best satisfy different needs, we launch versatile household filtration products for everywhere you use water in your home, including Pitcher Water Filtration System, Faucet Water Filtration System,etc.. You can now instantly access clean water straight from your tap or your pitcher without consuming expensive plastic bottled water.


✓18 cups’ high capacity
✓ 0.5 gpm high flow rate
✓ Ultimate adsorption capacity
✓ Removes free radicals
✓ Eliminates toxins with powerful antioxidants
✓ Increases energy levels & aids immune system
Water Filter Precautions:

1. Wash hands before touching the filter and rinse with cold water for 15seconds. The first 2 pitchers of filtered water may contain carbon dust , Use on plants or discard.
2. Do not use hot water, above 100.4 ℉ (38 ℃),as this willtaste of the water affect the use of results.
3. Change filters every 40 gallons or approximately every 3 months.
4. First time filter use instructions: Clean the filter with running water about for 1 minute. Then put the filter soak into water and shake gently for 1minute. This is the best way to use the filter. will not leak, and will smoothly flow of filtration.

What’s in the Box:

1 X Water Pitcher
1 X Water Filter
1 X User Manual

Product Features

  • ✓ PREMIUM DESIGN FOR HEALTH AND SUSTAINABILITY. Aozora Water Filter Pitcher 100% BPA-free, 100% FDA-approved food grade materials, 100% recyclable, 100% vegan which is designed for infant supplies.
  • ✓ RIGOROUSLY TESTED. Water Filter meets and exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction. Filter tested in Flint, Michigan for lead and copper reduction. Offers high durability and perfect health.
  • ✓ SUPERIOR FILTRATION AND TASTE. Quadruple capacity water filters, high quality filters produce 150 gallons of water each, lasting 3 times longer than Brita filters and 4 times longer than ZeroWater for maximum lifetime savings.
  • ✓ REMOVES 200% MORE CONTAMINANTS THAN BRITA, INCLUDING FLUORIDE, LEAD, CHROMIUM 6, CHLORAMINES, MERCURY, AND CHLORINE. A five stage filter with 2 micron pores, including Activated Carbon Filter, protects you and your family from contaminants that other filters miss. The filter does all this while keeping healthy trace minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water, which ZeroWater and Reverse Osmosis systems will strip out.
  • ✓ LIFETIME GUARANTEE AND SAME-DAY CUSTOMER SUPPORT. If your water filter pitcher ever breaks, we will replace it free of charge. We are entirely dedicated to keeping you satisfied, hydrated, and healthy. NO MORE HESITATE, CLICK “ADD TO CART” AND BUY IT NOW! ! !

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Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal Pitcher 8 Cups Water Pitcher Made from Borosilicate Glass – Set with 2 Alkaline UP Water Filters and Free 24 fl oz Sport Bottle for Better Hydration (Violet)

IN ORDER TO MEET DIETARY NEEDS of twenty-first century’s society Dafi has developed a new Alkaline UP product line. ALKALINE CRYSTAL WATER PITCHER is our top-end premium product, designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Now with 24 FL OZ. DAFI SPORT BOTTLE so you can enjoy highest quality of the water even when you are on the go.

Product Features

  • IN ORDER TO MEET DIETARY NEEDS of twenty-first century’s society Dafi has developed a new Alkaline UP product line. ALKALINE CRYSTAL WATER PITCHER is our top-end premium product, designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Now with 24 FL OZ. DAFI SPORT BOTTLE so you can enjoy highest quality of the water even when you are on the go.
  • By increasing water pH level up to 9.5 as well as its negative OR potential, Alkaline Crystal BRINGS PROPER ALKALINE-ACIDIC BALANCE for your body. Set comes with 2 Dafi ALKALINE UP WATER FILTERS so that you do not need to worry about filter replacements.
  • ALKALINE WATER has many benefits for your body. High pH level and negative OR potential slow down aging processes and enriches your body in antioxidants, preventing many diseases like cancer.
  • CRYSTAL IS THE ONLY GLASS PITCHER available on the market right now. Glass creates chemical barrier and does not react with chemicals in alkaline water providing you with the highest quality of water storage. Our borosilicate, laboratory highest quality glass is shatter-proof, scratch-, impact-, and stain-resistant while having superior thermal shock resistance.
  • FULL VOLUME of Dafi Alkaline Crystal Pitcher is 8 cups with filtered water volume of 4 cups. Pitcher is equipped with LED sensor which together with mobile app will remind you about filter replacement. Handle and funnel inside the pitcher are made of BPA and BPS free plastic what makes the product lighter, more functional and safer to use.

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NEW Slim Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 6 cups 1.5 liter. Cute & Portable. Fits any refrigerator. Increases pH levels. Clear Smart & Easy Pour. BPA Free. FREE Cartridge Included. No more plastic bottle

Alkaline Water Jug. 6 cups or 1.5 liter water pitcher. Removes arsenic, chloride, lead and others heavy metals. PH Restore.

Product Features

  • 💧 INSTANT ALKALINE WATER: This alkaline pitcher is designed to efficiently filter the tap water and convert it into pure alkaline water at a PH level up to 9. This water stream pitcher removes chloride, lead, fluoride, pollutants, and zinc to get a purified healthy alkaline drink. This alkaline jar is perfect for cooking healthy food, making coffee, tea and to water plants
  • 💙 HEALTH & WELLNESS IMPROVEMENT: This water filtration system provides alkaline water, increasing the PH level, to improve the circulatory, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems. Purified water helps improve your metabolism, lose weight and prevents diseases. Stay healthy, a glass of clear water works as a recovery drink while doing sports, crossfit or in the gym
  • ♻️ PREMIUM & SLIM DESIGN: With a space saving capacity of 6 cups or 1,5 liter this small plastic jar is designed for the family and fits in any refrigerator. Great for any table, event dinner, meeting, party or even a picnic. An ergonomic and eco-friendly design that fits your hand for a better grip to obtain an easy pour when serving water.
  • 🍀 FREE ALKALINE FILTER: It comes with an alkaline filter for BPA free plastic jars. This water filtration system has 4 stages to easily remove heavy metals (chloride, lead, arsenic) and retains beneficial minerals (calcium, magnesium) and lasts 42 gallons or approximately 160 liters the equivalent to 1 month if you fill it 3 times a day. An alkaline water filter that increases the PH level of the water up to 2 points. Look for product B06XB1NHV9
  • 🥇 GUARANTEE & COMMITMENT: Wamery is a certified company that provides alkaline water tested by independent laboratories WQA and 100% committed to its customers. This plastic water jug provides filtered water as natural energy. Wamery is an ecological company which has designed an alkaline water jug & NSF/ANSI certified cartridges to eliminate plastic bottles and upgrade lifestyle of your family

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OXA 10 Cups Alkaline Water Pitcher with 2 longevity Filters, 2.5L large capacity cool water bottle water filter purifier water filtration system,BPA-Free NSF FDA Certification ,white

Good tasting water offered by OXA Smart Alkaline Water Pitcher which brings you healthier life.

Why use a OXA Smart Water filter Pitcher?

Clean water: OXA Smart Alkaline Water Pitcher can reduces water molecule size to create more absorbable water and increase hydration. Also removes color, odor & organic & non-organic matter including sand, silt & algae, and adds healthy minerals such as selenium & calcium..

Health water: By reducing acidity & inflammation we can reduce & prevent disease. Removing heavy metals, arsenic, lead, chemicals, chlorine, chloramine, & fluoride, we detoxify, while increasing antioxidants & essential mineral uptake such as zinc & calcium. Increases active hydrogen. Increases the alkalinity to make your drinking water more vital.

Environmental friendly: By switching from bottled water to OXA Smart filtered water, you’ll making thousands of plastic water bottles disappear.

Scientific design: Comfort-grip handle design. Pour spout cover prevents odors and particulates from getting into your clean water. And space-saving design fits easily in a refrigerator. Slim enough to fit easily in most refrigerator doors.BPA free, and All OXA Smart pitchers and filters are recyclable.

Product Features

  • Fresh water: Creates silky-smooth and great tasting water that is refreshing to drink and cook with.
  • Clear water:Helps filter out chlorine and other contaminants and permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper,so your drinking water will be more refreshing and clear.
  • Soft water:Reduces lime scale, prolong the domestic appliance life by preventing limescale.
  • Health water: Offers pH 8.5-10.0 to help support systemic pH balance in the body. (Typically increases pH by 2 or more points). Provides low negative ORP:-100mv. This transforms ordinary water into rich antioxidant water to help energize and revitalize your body.
  • Allows 2.5L of crisp, refreshing, alkaline water on demand, BPA FREE, 100% FDA-approved food grade materials

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Alkaline Water Pitcher. 2 liters or 8 cups. Portable Filter system for Tap Water. Ionize, Filter, Clear, Increase PH and Improve Kitchen Faucet Water Taste. Avoid bottles and machines. Free cartridge

alcalina alkaline Pitcher

Product Features

  • 🚰 GET INSTANT ALKALINE WATER: The quality of the water we drink is just as important as how much we drink. With this Pitcher you will be able to transform your hard tap water into a clean drinkable soft water meeting NSF standards, improving its taste and increse the PH between 8.5 and 9
  • 🤸🏼 A HEALTHY SOLUTION FOR TODAY’S DIET: Experts recommend that 70-80% of a person’s diet should come from alkaline forming foods and 20-30% acid forming foods. Picture 3 shows a food chart, check if your diet is balanced. This filter pitcher will help you washing acid waste products from cells and tissues, slowing aging and reducing fat cells helping you reduce weight.
  • 🔬 CONVIEINIENCE: This filter pitcher is tested to last for 42 Gallons, equivalent to 1 month of use if you fill it 3 times a day or 2 month if you fill it twice a day. It reduces Chlorine, Zinc, Copper, Mercury, Cadmium and Lead matching NSF standards. Save money and effort vs bottled water.
  • 🚴 VITALITY: A balanced PH diet optimizes your Digestive, Circulatory, Immune, Skeletal, Integumentary, Respiratory, Nervous, Excretory, Muscular and Reproductive System. In other words, by drinking alkaline water you are helping your body from many diseases.
  • 🏞 TECHNOLOGY & COMMITMENT: Wamery is an NSF certified American company and their lab developed the ultimate filter pitcher so you can get the most of your tap water to help you save money and avoid the contamination of 930 plastic bottles per filter pack. What is more, with your order you are helping NGO’s to preserve natural resources for future generations to come. We are 100% money back guarantee, try us!

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