SUSOSU Portable Alkaline Mineral Ionizer Water Bottle (24 oz/720 ml) + Filter (Additional) (2EA Filter(Additional))

This is the easiest way to bring a water bottle with you to have mineral rich filtered alkaline water on the go. Good for your Health! Filters last about 4 months. Replenishes essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. 100% BPA Free. THE 5 STEPS SOLUTION in SUSOSU filter. 1. Increases Hydrogen ions, and rid of free oxygen radicals. 2. Activated Carbon. Absorbs and removes harmful materials. 3. Anti-bacterial. 4. Tourmaline Increases human cell activity wih anion and far-infrared ray. 5.Black Ball produces Soft water taste effect. Filter cleaning instructions are included. If you want to test the pH of your water it is best to use a pH drops kit. pH paper will not work because of the minerals in the filter

Product Features

  • Turns your water into mineral rich filtered alkaline water in minutes. Take it with you and drink right from the bottle. 20 oz. 100% BPA Free! Filter is packed in non woven fabrics to prevent the materials from leaking out! Can make Alkaline water with pH of 9.0 or higher depending on water quality!

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