ST SYNTEAM Hydrogen Water Bottle 320ml, Nafion(TM) PFSA, Alkaline Water Filter, Portable Ionizer Maker, WAC009 (Glass+ABS) Blue


Rich in active hydrogen, promote the body’s internal balance. Antioxidant, keep your body forever young. The

result of irregular life due to sticky blood, become clear and smooth. Through the hydrogen in the body circulation,

improve gastrointestinal function.

Hydrogen-rich water with more than vitamin C, carrots, lecithin and all other known antioxidants. The treatment

of allergic dermatitis, constipation, high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate disease, superficial gastritis, gallstones,

kidney stones, bladder stones, gynecological diseases (uterine fibroids, cysts), arthritis, gout, hair loss, , Low blood

pressure, senile plaques, lobular hyperplasia, cancer and other free radicals caused by various types of symptoms

have a strong role in prevention and control, regular drinking hydrogen-rich water can promote metabolism, so that

each cell can automatically maintain a healthy state, anti aging.

Material:Glass,stainless steel

Color: gold,silver,blue,purple



Dimension: 2.95*2.95*8.27

Working time:5minutes


Hydrogen Concentration:800~1200ppb

Water Temperature: No limit

Package List: 

1 * Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer

1 * A Connecting line 

1 * Manual book

Product Features

  • 【Tips】To See the Different Hydrogen Water Bottle, Please click the button with “Style Name”.
  • 【PEM Support】New Technology for improve Hydrogen Content.
  • 【1000-1200ppb Hydrogen Concentration】Test Report form SGS, Absorb Easy, Help to Boost Metabolism, Prevent or Reduce Constipation.
  • 【Glass+ABS Safety Material】380ml, FDA Qualified, BPA Free, High Food Grade Glass, ABS.
  • 【3 Mins Work Complete,3 Hours Full Charged, 25-35 Times Used】Run longer, Hydrogen more. Better Drink in 30 Mins, Suggest to Restart If not.Charge it full until the green light on.

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2 thoughts on “ST SYNTEAM Hydrogen Water Bottle 320ml, Nafion(TM) PFSA, Alkaline Water Filter, Portable Ionizer Maker, WAC009 (Glass+ABS) Blue

  1. ACTUALLY has a correct PEM/SPE membrane system. Great unit, great company. Key here is; this is the correct SPE/PEM (membrane) based H2 production technology, which most units are not. I have ordered several & now referred upwards of 50+ orders, & tho a few came broken in international shipping to the states, the company made good with myself & each referral I sent. Could not ask for better. RN it’s a bit hard to trust which units on the market are SPE/PEM designs truly, & this model # from Synteam (Item model number: WAC018) IS the…

  2. Excellent product! Great product! My wife and I could feel instant effects of drinking the water such as increased mental clarity and energy boost.Package took about 2 weeks to arrive from Hong Kong and included really beautiful packaging materials as well as a Thank You card with hearts and love!The PPM (parts per million) of hydrogen production on this unit is about 1/3rd higher than one competitor costing over $400 and takes only a minute to charge the water.There is a small…

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