St. John Alkaline Water, ( 9 Count ) 32 fl oz

– Water is smooth, soft, and refreshing. – Bottles BPA free – Pure Alkaline Water 9+ pH level – Zero Fluoride – Zero Chlorine

Product Features

  • St. John alkaline water is made to bring you a high pH bottle of water that’s made to help you stay hydrated, enhance performance, and refresh your senses. Its the perfect choice for athletes that want to maintain hydration for long runs and workouts.
  • Each pack comes with 9 bottles of pure alkaline water that are stored in a plastic bottle that doesn’t contain any BPA.
  • The water is smooth and refreshing making it ideal for use before all your workout and exercise routines to help you maximize your potential .
  • Our alkaline water is enriched with real minerals to raise the ionization and naturally alkalize the water to 9+ pH. We’re determined to bring you alkaline water without relying on any fluoride or chlorine so that you can use it safely in your workouts without worrying about rasing chlorine levels.
  • St. John alkaline water is perfect for anyone that wants to maintain peak performance and their limits.

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3 thoughts on “St. John Alkaline Water, ( 9 Count ) 32 fl oz

  1. Excellent tasting water I’ve been drinking alkaline water for a few years now after learning the many benefits it provides to the body’s overall health and well being. This water in particular caught my eye, and I decided to purchase after seeing the water was sold in a pack of 9 and each bottle was 32 oz making it the size of 2 regular size 16 oz bottles. When my water arrived, I was highly shocked on how fast I recieved… literally 2 days!! So now to the taste.. After placing the bottles in the fridge for about 3…

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