SoBeWater Variety Pack, 20 Fl Oz,12 Count

SoBeWater is a nutrient enhanced hydration beverage that is delicious, low in calories and naturally sweetened with sugar. With its unique flavor combinations, SoBeWater is naturally refreshing!

Product Features

  • 0 calorie SoBeWater is a vitamin enhanced water beverage that is a good source of antioxidant Vitamin C. It has no artificial sweeteners and comes in delicious unique flavor combinations
  • Variety pack comes with three delicious flavors: Black and Blue Berry, Strawberry Dragonfruit, and Yumberry Pomegranate
  • 0 calories, 100% flavor
  • Is a good source of antioxidant Vitamin C
  • 20oz (Pack of 12, 4 bottles of each flavor)

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3 thoughts on “SoBeWater Variety Pack, 20 Fl Oz,12 Count

  1. Not a change for the better… Previously a 5 star product The change to SobeWater appears to be more than a cosmetic name change. This new beverage no longer contains erythritol which is a natural but expensive sweetener and now has that slight bitter after taste that you get from stevia. I loved Lifewater, SobeWater is second rate to their own discontinued product. I haven’t heard of an explanation for the name change. Perhaps changing the name means not having to explain the removal of erythritol which is much more expensive than Stevia. I do see…

  2. Luv this stuff but hard to find (so, no five stars) This is the ONLY sugar free (0 calorie) beverage that I like and it’s all natural. And YES, Strawberry is the BEST flavor. I agree with another reviewer that Pepsi seems to have dropped interest in providing this product on any large scale. Our local membership store stopped carrying it because Sobe revamped the product AND all of our local grocery stores don’t have it anymore either. I have found it when visiting family in another state and bought what I could. I’ve also gotten it here on…

  3. This water is my lifeline I can easily go so so far as to say this water has literally elevated my quality of life. Several years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, and I take an amazing amount of medication daily. I was instructed to also always stay hydrated. The oncology nurses told me not to just drink water, but to find a beverage with flavor and vitamins and minerals, something I would like and keep using. After several different waters, I settled on these and have been drinking them for years. I…

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