Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher, Blue

Enjoy mineralized, alkaline water at home with the Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher. This convenient, hand-held pitcher fits in the door of your refrigerator, and restores your tap water to its mineral-rich state-just like nature intended. With a Santevia Alkaline Pitcher, you’ll not only help maintain your body’s healthy pH balance, but you’ll also save money you would have spent on expensive mineral water in stores. It’s a great choice for the environment, too, since one pitcher eliminates over 8,300 single-use plastic bottles every year! Filtration Process Using the same elements as nature’s filtration system, Santevia adds calcium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals, and has been independently tested to reduce chlorine taste and odour, heavy metals, industrial chemicals and agricultural contaminants. Filters double the water as other water pitcher filters.

Product Features

  • Comes with 1 filter included
  • Produces mineralized, alkaline¬†water as recommended by the World Health Organization
  • Each filter produces 1,250 8oz glasses – DOUBLE the amount of most pitcher filters.
  • Countdown clock reminds you when it’s time to change the filter
  • Has an easy-to-fill lid

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3 thoughts on “Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher, Blue

  1. Amazing water! This is the best water I have ever tasted out of a filter, the only comparison I can make is it tastes like Fiji water which I think is the best tasting bottled water. It does exactly what it says and after 2 months on one cartridge, the water is still at 9.3PH and great tasting! After learning about PH balance in the water we drink, I tested the water out of our Brita and it was 5.3-5.5 to our surprise, we have been drinking that water and tons of it for almost two decades! My 7 year old son…

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