Saka Alkaline Spring Water 16.9 Oz (Pack of 24). 8.22pH with Electrolytes.

Saka Natural Alkaline Water is a premium award winning brand sold in 25 countries and now available in the USA. Saka is bottled at source and has a unique balance of essential minerals which gives it a smooth and exceptional taste.The perfect balance of natural minerals gives Saka a distinguished smooth silky taste that makes drinking water a pleasurable experience. Saka is the alternative non-acidic beverage choice designed to help maintain your BASIC balance. Why Choose Saka WATER? – Strong & Permanent 8.22pH Alkaline Balance – Natural Electrolytes – Pristine Clean Hydration Better absorption than any other water. – Award Winning Distinguished Silky Smooth Taste – 100% Natural – No Processing or Ionization – Counterbalances Acid pH – NO Electrolysis – NO added artificial sweeteners like some other water brands – NO Chemical Additives – NO Sugar – NO Calories – NO Preservatives Saka Makes you Feel Good!

Product Features

  • Alkaline Spring Water with a pH of 8.22 that is bottled at source
  • Natural Electrolytes from source without any additives or ionization
  • BPA free packaging, 4 six packs in the case making it easy to carry
  • Award winning brand that is sold in 25 countries
  • Drink Well. Live Well. Be Well.

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