QUARTZO: pH 9.5 Naturally Alkaline Bottled Water | 33.8 fl oz/1 Liter (6 Bottles)

Distinguished from other waters, Quartzo Water is one of the few bottled water brands in the market with a 100% Naturally Alkaline pH of 9.5.

Protected and preserved, Quartzo Water emerges from a hydrothermal aquifer 2,200 feet below the earth’s surface.

☆ REAL 9.5 PH ☆
Going against today’s manufacturing trends, Quartzo Water is not artificially alkaline, and it does not have added ingredients to increase it’s pH. You can purchase Quartzo Water with confidence knowing that if our product does not meet your 9.5 pH expectations, you can return it for a full refund.

Delicately mineralized, and elegantly bottled. Quartzo is the superior naturally alkaline water.

Product Features

  • Naturally Alkaline Water – pH 9.5
  • No Added Ingredients. Hydrate Your Body Naturally
  • Never Altered or Modified, just as nature intended
  • Smooth and clean taste pairs well with any meal

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