Premium Alkaline Pro Gene Water 9.5 pH +/-, Healthy, Electrolyte Enhanced 16.9oz Water Bottle, Promote Hydration & Better Health, Refreshing Taste – 24 Count Case (500ml)

Boost Your Immune System & Detoxify Your Body One Bottle At A Time! Looking for a great-tasting alkaline water to boost your hydration? Want to balance your system’s pH and replenish your energy levels naturally? Introducing The Ultimate Alkaline Pro Gene Water! Sourced for professional athletes, our natural alkaline water has a pH of 9.5 +/-, which will help balance your body’s pH and offer you deep and effective hydration! Our all natural alkaline water is ideal for people who want to enhance their diet without having to rely on costly filtering systems or lower pH alkaline water! It’s Time To Hydrate The Right Way! Each BPA-free and fully recyclable plastic Pro Gene Water bottle contains 16.9oz of healthy and delicious alkaline water, which makes for 2 servings! Refresh, replenish and restore your body after every training session or just replace your normal water bottles with our premium alkalized water! Nature’s Essential Antioxidants & Electrolytes At Your Fingertips! Not only is our water bottle durable, but it’s also extremely convenient, since its space-saving design will fit in any cup holder, purse, bag or backpack! Now you can enjoy the rejuvenating effects of high-quality alkaline water in your car, at your office desk, on your hiking or camping trips or even in your backyard! Cover All Your Hydration Needs! Each case contains 24 x 16.9oz (500ml) Pro Gene Water bottles, which will be more than enough for a whole weeks supply! Finally, you and your family can enjoy tasty, healthy and 100% pure alkaline water every single day! Our water is sourced from Sunny Southern California and a Natural Mineral Spring in Wisconsin both EPA regulated sources and FDA Registered and Inspected Bottling Facilities. Start Hydrating The Right Way!

Product Features

  • • DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE ALKALINE BOTTLED WATER! – Pro Gene Water is here to help you enhance your diet and feel stronger and healthier again due to its 9.5 +/- pH alkalinity level, which is amongst the highest in the market! Why settle for low-quality alkaline or acidic bottled water, when Pro Gene Water is available?
  • • NO JITTERS, NO BITTER AFTERTASTE, JUST PURE HYDRATION! – Now your body can enjoy enhanced hydration, since the smaller molecular content of our alkaline water makes absorption faster and easier! Your body will be hydrated for hours with a single bottle of Pro Gene Water!
  • • THE HASSLE-FREE WAY TO REFRESH YOUR BODY! – While other alkaline water bottles are bulky and impractical, the Pro Gene Water 16.9oz (500ml) bottle is ergonomic, compact and can be easily slipped in your purse, gym bag, backpack or any standard cup holder for maximum hydration on-the-go!
  • • HELP BALANCE YOUR SYSTEM’S pH EFFECTIVELY! – Our great-tasting alkaline water will help provide your body with essential antioxidants and help protect your body from free radicals. Plus, it may help combat the first signs of aging and detoxify your body in a natural and convenient way!
  • • YOUR WELLBEING IS OUR TOP PRIORITY! – It’s time to leave all those low-quality alkaline water bottles behind you once and for all and indulge yourself in a bottle of pure, all natural alkaline, tested and proven Pro Gene Water! And if you are not 100% satisfied with its performance, we promise to offer you a full refund!

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