PH003 Alkaline Water Filter – Replacement Water Filter By Invigorated Water –For Invigorated Living pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Bottle Ionizer – Ionized Water Filter Cartridge, Value 3-Pack, 25oz

Introducing PH003 Alkaline Water Ionizer Filter Cartridge Sticks By Invigorated Water.

For use with our portable pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Purifier Bottle (search B01GDQ4B36).

We developed pH REVIVE after many customers of our best selling Alkaline Water Pitcher (search B011MFAJF2), & new smaller model (B01IBM639U) reached out to us, asking for a portable water filtration bottle that would remove heavy metals, fluoride & bacteria from water.

Our customers were also looking for a water purifier bottle that would increase pH levels, while adding in essential beneficial minerals.

Finally, they wanted the odourless, silky smooth taste that micro-clustered, hexagonal structured water can deliver.

We’re excited to say that pH REVIVE does all this & more!

Wondering what removing all the bad stuff like heavy metals & bacteria, while increasing the alkalinity, & adding all the good stuff like minerals does for you?

  • Small sized oxygenated water molecules can more easily penetrate your cells, improving hydration.
  • With better hydration comes improved energy levels & mental clarity.
  • Drinking water that is pH 8 or above our bodies become more alkaline, reducing the acidity caused by our modern lifestyles. Reducing acidity we can reduce inflammation, a key cause of illness, injury & disease.
  • Removing bacteria, heavy metals, & fluoride, our body can detox & REVIVE!

Essentially, pH REVIVE is designed to help you improve your overall health & wellbeing so you can live a truly Invigorated life.
Our pH REVIVE bottle, & filter cartridge stick, is made from durable Tritan. It’s recyclable & BPA free. Check out the rest of our range by visiting our Amazon storefront

Product Features

  • LONG-LIFE FILTER CARTRIDGE STICK WITH 8 PURIFYING INGREDIENTS – including KDF to remove heavy metals such as chlorine, chloramine, lead, copper & arsenic. Diatomite ceramic balls remove some fluoride, while adding beneficial calcium. Anti-bacterial balls remove bacteria & prevent bacterial growth. MASSIVE 255 CUP, 60 LITRE, 16 GALLON CAPACITY PER FILTER – based on average person consumption of 2 Litres per day each PH003 filter will last approximately 1 month.
  • THE HIGH ALKALINE BALLS IN OUR FILTRATION SYSTEM INCREASES WATER PH UP TO 9.5 – Negative Potential Balls reduce Oxidization Reduction Potential (ORP), creating high antioxidant water. Maifan Stones re-mineralize adding iron, calcium & zinc, while Negative Ion Ceramic Balls improve taste, smell, & eliminate micro-organisms growing and reproducing.
  • WORKS WITH PH REVIVE ALKALINE WATER BOTTLE IONIZER BY INVIGORATED WATER – (search B01GDQ4B36). pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Bottle is ergonomically designed for active use including adjustable carry case – one-hand hygienic flip top lid, ideal for extreme travel, sports, & survival enthusiasts, made from the best quality recyclable Tritan plastic, BPA free, holds 750ml (25oz) of silky smooth healthy alkaline ionized water.
  • PRODUCES OXYGENATED, STRUCTURED, HEXAGONAL, MICRO CLUSTERED WATER – that may aid weight loss, detoxify, slow down the aging process, & reduce acidity & inflammation, which therefore can prevent & even eliminate disease.
  • DRINKING NATURALLY FILTERED IONIZED ALKALINE WATER – can improve hydration, mental clarity, energy levels, immunity, and general health & wellbeing.

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3 thoughts on “PH003 Alkaline Water Filter – Replacement Water Filter By Invigorated Water –For Invigorated Living pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Bottle Ionizer – Ionized Water Filter Cartridge, Value 3-Pack, 25oz

  1. Heavy After much review, I decided to go with this bottle and the filters to feel okay about drinking tap water. I travel a great deal and have to stay in hotels. This is so much more convenient than carrying several plastic bottles of water, which my daughter always gave me grief about. I know to change the filter when the water starts changing taste. Or I carry pH strips with me and when they don’t read high enough, I change the filter. I dropped the bottle one time and the filter ‘broke’ and…

  2. They are easy to change out They are easy to change out. I put a card in the pocket writing the date so I remember when I need to change the filters (cannot remember things unless I write it down). LOL. Here is my review from the REVIVE Bottle in case you missed it.Let me start out by saying Wow. I have been researching Alkaline water for about a year now and back in early July this year I decided that Invigorated Living has figured it all out when I ordered their Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer, 2…

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