PH001 Alkaline Water Filter – Replacement Water Filter By Invigorated Water – Ionized Water Filter Cartridge – For Invigorated Living Pitcher, Ionizer, Purifier, 96 Gallon Capacity (3-Pack)

The all-new 2017 model PH001 Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier Filter by Invigorated Water was specifically designed based on our customers needs, & to meet the water purification needs of people all over the world.

PH001 fits our pH RESTORE, pH REFRESH, & pH RECHARGE models.

  • HUGE Long-life 1500 cup, 96 gallon capacity.
  • Multi-stage filtration system starts with a ‘Micro Net’ to catch nasty particles, allowing beneficial minerals though.
  • KDF purifies, removing heavy metals chlorine, & some fluoride.
  • US NSF Certified Coconut Shell Activated Carbon (GAC) charcoal removes chemicals, pesticides, herbicides & pollutants.
  • A 2nd Micro Net removes particles that ‘slipped through the net’ of the first Micro Net, KDF & GAC.
  • Our Ceramic Ball & Stone Blend utilizing more than 10 kinds of materials increases pH & negative ORP, prevents bacterial growth, adds trace elements & essential minerals.

How does this help you?

  • Small sized oxygenated water molecules can more easily penetrate your cells, improving hydration, energy levels & mental clarity.
  • Drinking water that is pH 8 or above our bodies become more alkaline, reducing the acidity caused by modern lifestyles.
  • Reducing acidity we can reduce inflammation, a key cause of illness, injury & disease.
  • Removing bacteria & heavy metals our body can detox!

Looking to take your water purification to the next level?

Our PH001 allows for our PH002 Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane (search B01IMRK1ZQ) filter to be attached. Combining PH001 & PH002 increase bacteria and fluoride removal.

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Product Features

  • DRINKING NATURAL PURIFIED MINERALIZED ALKALINE IONIZED FILTERED WATER CAN IMPROVE HEALTH & WELLBEING – reducing acidity & inflammation improves immunity & prevents disease. Metabolism can increase, aiding in weight loss & slowing down the aging process. Enhanced water absorption increases hydration, mental clarity, energy levels & performance.
  • MULTI-STAGE PH001 ALKALINE WATER FILTER INCLUDING NOT ONE, BUT TWO, ‘MICRO NETS’ – eliminating organic & inorganic particles including sand, silt, rust & algae, while allowing beneficial minerals, like calcium & magnesium, to permeate through the net. HUGE CAPACITY = 1500 cups/96 gallons/350 litres per filter.
  • US MADE NSF CERTIFIED COCONUT ACTIVATED CARBON CHARCOAL -removes chemicals, pesticides, herbicides & pollutants, while improving the taste and smell of drinking water. LATEST TECHNOLOGY KDF REMOVES HEAVY METALS – lead, copper, arsenic, mercury, aluminium, as well as chlorine, chloramine, & some fluoride, allowing your body to detoxify.
  • CERAMIC BALL & STONE BLEND UTILIZING MORE THAN 10 KINDS OF MATERIALS – including ORP, Alkaline, Far Infrared, Tormaline & Maifan stones. Increase alkalinity (pH), reduce -ORP, soften water making in more easily absorbed, & add trace elements & minerals, while removing bacteria & preventing bacterial growth.
  • NEW ENHANCED DESIGN, ADD OUR PH002 ULTRAFILTRATION (UF) MEMBRANE (sold separately, search B01IMRK1ZQ) to increase bacteria & fluoride removal (when combined with PH001), taking your water filtration to the next level. PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – BPA free & food grade, SGS Certified, Filter Materials Certified by NSF, Member of The Water Quality Association. Save money & the planet by eliminating 8300 plastic bottles per filter.

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3 thoughts on “PH001 Alkaline Water Filter – Replacement Water Filter By Invigorated Water – Ionized Water Filter Cartridge – For Invigorated Living Pitcher, Ionizer, Purifier, 96 Gallon Capacity (3-Pack)

  1. I like! Although I have not tested the validity of their claim, unlike most others, these alkaline filters claimed to remove fluoride from the water. I have been using Brita filters for years and when I discovered they made my alkaline city tap water acidic, I was stunned. Per doctor orders, I needed to drink more water and needed to become more alkaline. So I tried the Invigorated Living filtering system, based on the solid reviews. These filters do not require more pre-use priming than Brita…

  2. DO NOT PURCHASE these filters if you have the older version of the Invigorated Living pitcher. DO NOT PURCHASE these filters if you have the older version of the Invigorated Living pitcher. THEY DO NOT FIT NOR CAN ANY TYPE OF MODIFICATION MAKE THESE FILTERS FIT OR WORK APPROPRIATELY IN THE OLDER VERSION OF THE PITCHER. You will be forced to return or replace the pitcher and the older version of the filters are NO LONGER available – SO you are basically forced to buy a new pitcher (mind you I bought the pitcher last year in March and they updated the pitcher without consideration of…

  3. INITIALLY THOUGHT WATER FILTER WAS DEFECTIVE>MY BAD! I have been using a Invigorated Living Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer for ten (10) months and have had problems with their water filters clogging up first after 4 months of use (second filter) and now just recently. After complaining about the above problem the first time to Invigorated Living Customer Service, I promptly received my replacement filter for the clogged filter.The replacement filter worked great; the water tasted wonderful and the water flowed quickly to the pitcher…

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