PH001 3-Pack Alkaline Water Filter – Plus PH002 3-Pack UF Membrane Filter – Value Bundle by Invigorated Water – Compatible With pH RECHARGE, pH RESTORE & pH REFRESH

Our PH001 Alkaline Water Filter, plus PH002 Ultrafiltration UF Membrane Filter VALUE BUNDLE is quite simply the ultimate high alkaline purification filter!


PH001 & PH002 Are Compatible With pH RECHARGE, pH RESTORE & pH REFRESH. Check them out in our Amazon store:

We offer a 100% satisfaction money back or replacement guarantee on all our products.

PH001 has a HUGE 1500 Cup/96 Gallon/360 Litre capacity per filter. PH002 HAS AN EVEN BIGGER 264 GALLON/1000 LITRE CAPACITY!!
On average you’ll use 3 X PH001 filters before changing your PH002 filter.

PH001 is a multi-stage filter starting with a Micro Net to catch nasty particles, while allowing beneficial minerals though. Zeolite purifies, removing some fluoride, heavy metals & chlorine. US NSF Certified Coconut Shell Activated Carbon (GAC) removes chemicals, pesticides, herbicides & pollutants. Our Ceramic Ball & Stone Blend increases pH & -ORP, prevents bacterial growth, & adds trace elements & essential minerals.

The UF Membrane in our PH002 filters extremely small particles & dissolved molecules from drinking water. This includes organic & inorganic materials including algae & rust, & of course bacteria, viruses & parasites. While UF Membrane blocks nasties, it cleverly allows very small minerals to permeate through the membrane.

Product Features

  • THE ULTIMATE PH001 ALKALINE WATER FILTER & PH002 UF FILTER COMBINATION. Our multi-stage PH001 filter includes micro nets to eliminate particles including sand, dust, rust & algae, while allowing beneficial minerals, like calcium & magnesium. US MADE ACTIVATED COCONUT CARBON CHARCOAL Removes chlorine & chloramine, THM’s, VOC’s, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides & pollutants, while improving the taste & smell of drinking water.
  • HUGE CAPACITY = 1500 Cups/96 Gallons/360 Litres PER PH001 FILTER. ALL NATURAL ZEOLITE effectively removes some fluoride, free radicals & heavy metals. High alkaline ion exchange resin plus ceramic ball & stone blend, including ORP, Mineral, Far Infrared, Tourmaline & Maifan, increases alkalinity (pH), reduces ORP & limescale, & softens hard water. High in antioxidants, adds beneficial minerals, while preventing bacterial growth & aiding in heavy metal & toxin removal.
  • OUR PH002 ULTRAFILTRATION MEMBRANE IS JUST LIKE REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) WITHOUT THE WATER WASTAGE. Removes organic & inorganic particles, & dissolved molecules as small as 0.01 micron, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, colloids, herbicides, pesticides, giardia, cysts, cryptosporidium, algae, rust, sand & silt. UF also softens hard water. UF MEMBRANE ALLOWS BENEFICIAL MINERALS TO FILTER THROUGH – including calcium & magnesium.
  • PH002 HUGE VALUE SUPER LONG-LIFE = 264 GALLON/1000 LITRE CAPACITY. NEW ENHANCED DESIGN – Simply screw PH002 to the bottom of PH001 to achieve the ultimate high alkaline purification filter. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – WE OFFER A 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK OR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE.
  • DRINKING NATURAL PURIFIED MINERALIZED ALKALINE IONIZED FILTERED WATER CAN IMPROVE HEALTH & WELLBEING – Reducing acidity & inflammation improves immunity & prevents disease. Metabolism can increase, aiding in weight loss & slowing down the aging process. Enhanced water absorption increases hydration, mental clarity, energy levels & performance.

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2 thoughts on “PH001 3-Pack Alkaline Water Filter – Plus PH002 3-Pack UF Membrane Filter – Value Bundle by Invigorated Water – Compatible With pH RECHARGE, pH RESTORE & pH REFRESH

  1. I’m very happy with this water purification system! I have the three filter system, the P001 & P002 filters. It fits nicely in the fridge where it stays at all times, bc I do not want to have to wash the reservoir and basin out (until the filters need to be changed). Two people use this, and so the top basin has to be filled up once a day. When I was using other store bought smaller water purification systems, It was exhausting to fill them up multiple times a day. What I absolutely love about…

  2. I had purchased the item before. For some reason with the three pack I never go the silicon seal to place between the two filters. I got on line with Invigorated and they will send me 3. Not sure why but I open all six packs and no silicon seal. The directions were different than the original one I bought and this one said to shake the larger filter. Took forever to get the water to taste good. My first purchase was great and with the same product, not sure what happened with this one. I had…

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