pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer With 2 Long-Life Filters – Water Filter Purifier – Water Filtration System – High pH Alkalizer Machine, Enhanced 4th Gen. 2017 Model (White)

pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer With 2 Long-Life Filters is the ultimate filtered water purifier filtration machine.

pH RESTORE delivers natural tasting healthy high pH drinking water.

Drinking purified alkaline ionized water can improve health by detoxifying your body, through removal of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, & chemicals including fluoride & chlorine, while increasing essential mineral uptake.

As a bonus, metabolism can increase, aiding in weight loss. Disease-causing free radicals are removed through powerful antioxidants & high negative ORP, which assists to increase immunity & energy levels.

Due to the micro-clustering from an alkaline water system, hydration is more easily achieved & maintained.

pH RESTORE is the 4th generation of our popular pitcher.
With this new 2017 model we’ve found solutions to the flaws of past models. This includes a brand new anti-block filter, with updated filtration materials to meet the needs of water purification globally right now.

We’ve thought of everything to deliver you an amazing water pitcher.

BPA free & food, SGS Certified, Filter Materials NSF Certified. Member of The Water Quality Association.

Modern ergonomic design includes a digital gauge so you know when to change your filter.

Each filter has a massive 1500 cup/96 gallon capacity

You may also be interested in our smaller 84 ounce pitcher pH REFRESH (search B01JKU1UOU) – its ideal for singles, couples, apartment living & smaller refrigerators.

Check out the rest of our Water Purification range, including our new countertop units and pH test Kits, by visiting our Amazon store

Product Features

  • DRINKING ALKALINE IONIZED WATER CAN IMPROVE HEALTH – by reducing acidity & inflammation we can reduce & prevent disease. Removing heavy metals, arsenic, lead, chemicals, chlorine, chloramine, & fluoride, we detoxify, while increasing antioxidants & essential mineral uptake such as zinc & calcium. Metabolism can be improved aiding in weight loss.
  • MODERN DESIGN (Improved 2017 MODEL) – Easy-to-Fill Lid System & Digital Gauge so you know when to change your filter. Anti-Block latest technology PH001 filter (search B00X127CGE). HUGE CAPACITY per PH001 Filter = 1500 cups/96 gallons/350 litres per filter. PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – BPA free & food grade, SGS Certified, Filter Materials NSF Certified, MEMBER OF THE WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION.
  • ALKALINE IONIZER WATER FILTRATION REMOVES FREE RADICALS, ELIMINATES TOXINS, & INCREASES IMMUNITY & ENERGY LEVELS – through powerful antioxidants, high negative ORP and our best quality Coconut Activated Carbon, also know as Activated Charcoal.
  • INCLUDES 2 LONG-LIFE FILTERS SAVING MONEY, & THE PLANET, BY ELIMINATING 8300 PLASTIC BOTTLES PER FILTER. Add our PH0002 Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane filter (sold separately, search B01IMRK1ZQ) to take your water purification to the next level.
  • MICRO-CLUSTERED STRUCTURED WATER MOLECULES IMPROVES ABSORBTION – so water can more easily penetrate our cells, keeping us better hydrated. Hydration is a key to mental clarity, energy and overall health.

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3 thoughts on “pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer With 2 Long-Life Filters – Water Filter Purifier – Water Filtration System – High pH Alkalizer Machine, Enhanced 4th Gen. 2017 Model (White)

  1. They Will Give You FREE Filter If You Give 5 STARS!!! I bought this product because of a lot of 5 stars on its review. LOL! After you open the package, you will see on the manual that the manufacturer will send you a FREE filter if you will write a review and give them 5 stars. Hence, it explains why a lot of 5 Stars. Unfortunately, for me the product didn’t deliver what it’s supposed to do.First, the product didn’t come with a pH tester so there is no way that you will know what is the pH of the water after it goes thru the filtration. I…

  2. Excellent…Exceeded our expectations!! We had been buying bottled alkaline water for some time and realized the issue of it not being that cost effective in addition to it not allowing us to be as “green” as we’d like to. So, we began researching a number of different options ranging from ionizers to Kangen water systems and a number of alkaline water pitchers. After much searching we decided on the giving the Premium Alkaline water Pitcher a try. Our local tap water when tested with PH drops showed a baseline level of 5…

  3. Good water, but clog-prone filter and fiddly pitcher UPDATE:After several months of use, I have noticed that a grey film builds up over time on the bottom of my water-only cup. I don’t know if this substance is harmful or not, but it is slightly disturbing and at the very least unpleasant. I live in New York City and am filtering municipal water so your results may vary.—————————————I bought this water filter pitcher because I have interstitial cystitis (a bladder problem), and have found that drinking…

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