pH RECHARGE Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Countertop Water Filter Purifier – Water Alkalizer Pitcher System – High pH Ionized Water, Fast Filtration, 2.6 Gallon, 12.5 Litre (1, White)

Introducing pH RECHARGE 1F, The Countertop Alkaline Water Purifying Filtration System By Invigorated Water.

  • Delivers alkalized, ionized, purified water in minutes.
  • We’ve engineered our popular ‘anti-block’ PH001 alkaline water filter into this compact unit.
  • Long-life 1500 cup/96 gallon/360 litre filter capacity.

Our multi-stage filtration system includes a ‘Micro Net’ to catch nasty particles, allowing beneficial minerals though.

Zeolite purifies, removing some fluoride & heavy metals.
US Coconut Shell Activated Carbon (GAC) removes chlorine, chloramine, THM’s, VOC’s, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides & pollutants.
A 2nd Cotton Micro Net removes particles that slipped through the first Micro Net, Zeolite & GAC.
Our Ion Exchange Resin & Ceramic Ball & Stone Blend increases pH, reduces ORP & limescale, softens water, prevents bacterial growth, & adds essential minerals, while aiding heavy metal removal.

How does this help you?

  • Small sized oxygenated water molecules can more easily penetrate your cells, improving hydration, energy levels & mental clarity.
  • Drinking water that is pH8 or above our bodies become more alkaline, reducing acidity caused by modern lifestyles.
  • Reducing acidity we can reduce inflammation, a key cause of illness, injury & disease.
  • Removing chemicals, pollutants & heavy metals our body can detox & RECHARGE!

Looking to take your water purification to the next level?
Our PH001 allows for our PH002 Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane Filter (search B01IMRK1ZQ) to be attached. Adding PH002 to PH001 removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, colloids & parasites.

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Product Features

  • MULTI-STAGE ALKALINE WATER FILTER – ZEOLITE, STONE & CERAMIC BALLS, MICRO NETS, ACTIVATED COCONUT CARBON CHARCOAL, ION EXCHANGE RESIN – Increases pH & -ORP of drinking water. Remineralization adds healthy minerals such as selenium & calcium. Purifies, removing fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, VOC’s. Inhibits bacterial growth. Filtrates heavy metals, arsenic, lead, & pollutants in tap water providing a more natural taste. Removes odor, color, & non-organic & organic matter including algae & sand.
  • PRODUCES DETOXIFYING OXYGENATED, STRUCTURED, MICRO CLUSTERED WATER – aids in weight loss & slows down the aging process. Reduces acidity & inflammation, which can prevent & even eliminate disease. DRINKING NATURALLY FILTERED PURIFIED IONIZED ALKALINE WATER – can improve hydration, immunity, mental clarity, energy levels, and overall health & wellbeing.
  • MODERN SPACE SAVING DESIGN – fits on a counter without needing to connect a machine inline to the tap or faucet. Easily fits on a refrigerator shelf in the home or office. PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – BPA free, Certified by SGS, FDA, TUV, RoHS, BSI, ISO 9001:2000 Member of The Water Quality Association.
  • NEW ENHANCED FILTER DESIGN – ADD OUR PH002 ULTRAFILTRATION (UF) MEMBRANE FILTER (sold separately, search B01IMRK1ZQ) to remove 99.9% of all organic & inorganic matter – including bacteria, viruses, colloids, parasites, giardia, protozoa, cysts, cryptosporidium & endotoxins.
  • LONG-LIFE PH001 FILTER CAPACITY = 1500 cups/96 gallons/360 litres per filter. Our PH001 & PH002 filters are also compatible with our pH RESTORE & pH REFRESH models. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – WE OFFER A 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Please visit our storefront at:

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2 thoughts on “pH RECHARGE Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Countertop Water Filter Purifier – Water Alkalizer Pitcher System – High pH Ionized Water, Fast Filtration, 2.6 Gallon, 12.5 Litre (1, White)

  1. Pleased with this filter I started drinking distilled water some years ago on the recommendation of the legendary Dr Carey Reams. Many authorities claim that drinking distilled water deprives us of minerals. I have never though that the minerals in our municipal water supplies could be good for us. However, reading about the benefits of alkaline water caused me to try this filter. The reports say that much of the undesirable gunk is removed as well. I am delighted to say that the water from this filter tastes great -…

  2. Next Generation Ok we are on our 3rd generation of Invigorated Waters systems. Our first system was the Pitcher which will now be retired. We are still very excited about the water bottle which saves us from bringing water to work. The new PH RECharge Countertop Water Filtration System at first to us seemed like it was too big for our counter space. As we continued reading about this new system the spout to fill our glass and more filtering providing better quality water was a plus. We also noticed it…

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