Panasonic Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier Apparatus Blue TK-AS44-A (Japan Import-No Warranty)

Brand : Panasonic Model Number : TK-AS44-A Size : 13.9 x 10.1 x 6.5 inches Weight : 6.1 pounds Description : ■ ‘Electrolytically strengthening’ mode which firmly electrolyzes. In ‘electrolysis strengthening’ mode, electrolysis is carried out firmly even in water quality which is hard to electrolyze, and hydrogen is generated. ■ Industry’s highest level * Removed 13 substances to be removed + 4 substances. High Performance Cartridge * As of January 2015, in the household electrolyzed water generator, the total number of removed substances of JIS designated substances to be removed and voluntary reference substances of the Japan Water Purifier Association. ■ Liquid crystal display easy to see and use · Water quality signal understood at a glance · 5-step hydrogen level display that can be confirmed with eyes Main materials: ABS resin, POM resin, stainless steel rating: AC 100 V 1.3 A 50 – 60 Hz Power consumption: approx. 80 W (standby: approx 0.4 W) Warranty period: 1 year Accessories: 1 water purification cartridge, 1 bag of glycerophosphate preparation, water switch lever, fixture set

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