Pack of 5 Portable Water Ionizer Alkaline Water Stick

As we all know that common water is made of macromolecule group and contains acidity without any mineral elements. If we keep drinking it for long enough then our immune system do not remain strong. This hydrogen water ionizer converts the common water into nanometer activated water while the water goes through Pearl calcium Ion and Energy stone, which can release far infrared ray and negative ions into water molecules. This new water is Alkaline water which has strong penetrability and solubility and can resist oxidation, will prevent and dissolve various calculus in our body and will cure the high blood pressure and gastritis.| UsageSimply place the hydrogen water stick in the cup and leave it there for few minutes. If you have a flask then you can shake it for few times and leave for few minutes. let the stick submerge totally so it can ionize well and increase the pH of the water. After usage, you can dry up the stick if you want. It is ideally used for a 500ml water flask. If you have 1L bottle then you may want to use 2 sticks together.Each stick would usually last for 3 months if you clean 1L water daily

Product Features

  • Just keep this stick in your jug or glass for few minutes and it will increase the PH level from average 6 to 8+ thus alkalizing your water and acid free.Drinking alkaline water is fast and effective way to reduce acid reflux symptoms
  • Will improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism and immunity function
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant: ORP reading of below -200mV in aboute 3-5 minutes
  • Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels and eliminate the dysporia

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2 thoughts on “Pack of 5 Portable Water Ionizer Alkaline Water Stick

  1. Tested them, they don’t work I researched this and decided since something like these ionizers were used in at least one of the studies, they must work. When they arrived and I used them, the water tasted and looked the same so I wondered if they indeed did change the Ph level. I have some Ph test strips and I tested my tap water (which is what I used with the sticks, straight from the tap), the water which had been treated for 24 hours but not shaken, and the water which had been treated for 24 hours, and shaken. To my…

  2. It’s all about the Negative Hydrogen Ion To me, this is a great solution, with 5 of these on hand, I have enough for the several water bottles that I use.Clearly, there is still lots of confusion what these are for. The alkalinity is only a marginal issue, although, if you are using RO, DI, or ZeroWater water, you do want to add minerals (electrolytes, such as Concentrace), but these sticks, while apparently raising pH, and lowering ORP, are really about increasing the presence of Hydride (H-), which can be computed from the pH…

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