Naples Naturals1089 Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge, Black

Newly designed filter cartridge to minimize the chances of clogging. Drink fresh clean great tasting water with the BPA free Naples Naturals 10 cup water filter pitcher. Sits right on your counter or in your refrigerator and is the perfect way to provide great tasting water. Features digital electronic filter life readout lets you know when it’s time to change your filter. Newly designed screw in filter protects water better than the old drop in filter designs BPA free plastic easy fill convenient 10 cup capacity filter life the filter should be changed every 70 gallons or roughly 45-60 days depending on water usage directions rinse the filter under cold water for about 30 seconds. Gently Tap the filter on the counter (both sides) to ensure the media is proportioned nicely. Remove the water reservoir and screw the filter into the bottom of the reservoir and replace the assembly back into the pitcher. Fill and discard 2-5 pitchers or until the water is clear and there are no more Charcoal particles in the pitcher water. Fill and enjoy! the filter should be replaced every 70 gallons or when the filter replacement indicator signals a changed is needed. Do not use with hot water.

Product Features

  • Original Naples Naturals filter: all new internal design to minimize clogging
  • Natural alkaline water: the way it should be – increased alkalinity by adding minerals. Improve orp and alkalinity for healthy water
  • Long life: long life filter technology delivers up to 300 liters (79 gallons)
  • Natural ion exchange resin balances calcium and magnesium levels to provide fresh great tasting water and increase electrolytes
  • Calgon activated carbon filter to absorb chlorine and other toxic substances

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3 thoughts on “Naples Naturals1089 Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge, Black

  1. Not Recommended Email sent to [email protected]:While the design of this pitcher is generally acceptable, the performance of the filters is not very good. I am on my third filter, and this one has been dumping charcoal chips and tiny white spherical beads for the first twenty fills so far. Fortunately for me, I have a handy fine strainer that I can use for the purpose of filtering out this debris from each pitcher full of water. You obviously have a QC problem with your filters, and I am…

  2. Great product as advertised good filters, week into the first filter, water checks out at 8.7 so it’s doing the trick. Note: water tastes great, be prepared to take a little time to properly read the product guide on setting up the filter. First, soak the filter submerged in a large glass filling tap water over the top and give the filter time to remove all the air bubbles…..this will help remove loose coal particles from the filter…you will notice the particles. Rinse again the same way and you will notice very…

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