Nano Energy Bottle – Portable Water Ionizer

The Nano Energy Bottle is a portable liquid filtration system that converts drinking/tap water into “super-charged” pH & ORP balanced water. The “ionized” effect reduces the size of the water molecules making them easily absorbed and distributed through your body.

Get energized today and start living life healthier & happier. The Nano Energy Bottle is perfectly balance for body & soul!

Ionized water can help restore your body’s natural pH balance and is quickly absorbed for fast results. Although ionized water is relatively new to North America, Asia has been promoting the many benefits for decades. Super-Charged tap water at the nano level helps your body recover quicker from exercise, boost your immune system & promote weight loss.

Over 13 minerals super charge your tap water @ the nano [cellular] level including Tourmaline, Zeolite, Maifanshi Stone and Myuy Jade. These minerals generate negative ions and electrolyze the water destroying free radicals and parasites, help repair damaged cells, fights bacteria and promotes good health. Discover the many benefits you’ll feel instantly from the Nano Energy Bottle.

The Nano Energy Bottle increases the pH levels and lowers the ORP making the filtered water easily absorbed and distributed throughout your body. The water molecules have more surface area giving an “electric” charge that helps hydrate, alkalize and energize at the Nano level. Ionized water has claimed to help the cell’s self-renewal function, restraining the body’s oxygenation and aging.

The Nano Energy Bottle is Guaranteed for 90-days or your money back!

Product Features

  • Naturally Increase the pH Level & Decrease the ORP of Drinking Water!
  • 13 Natural Minerals Transform Drinking Water to pH Alkaline
  • Boost Energy & Recovery Time – Promote Weight Loss & Better Sleep
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 90-Days! Food Grade 304# Stainless Steel
  • FREE Carry Case! USPS Priority Shipping – Ships Out in 24 Hours During the Week!

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