Lighthouse H2O Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5 Liter w/ Extra 6-Stage Filter

Your Lighthouse H20 Alkaline Water Pitcher goes the extra mile and actually restructures your tap water. From increased alkaline PH (8.5 to 10 range) to transforming water clusters into hexagon shapes, now your water absorbs faster and increases energy [see images]. Those who recognize the health benefits of Alkaline water will enjoy balanced calcium / magnesium and lower ORP (-200 to -400) that reduces oxidation for a healthier body. The powerful 6-stage cartridge also removes impurities and then improves water with 20 trace elements for fresh tasting water. As far as design is concerned, this cartridge screws in and eliminates the unfiltered leakage that happens with most drop in filter designs. And there is a Countdown Indicator that tells you when to change the filter – no more guesswork. And finally, this high capacity pitcher is designed to last, from BPA free materials, to rugged lid and handle designs that won’t break off like on cheaper pitchers.

Product Features

  • Engineered Filtration that actually restructures water – increases alkaline levels to a healthy 8.5 to 10 PH range, transforms water clusters into smaller hexagon shapes for optimal water absorption and increased energy levels
  • Instantly Filtered Alkaline Water balances calcium & magnesium and negative hydroxol ions lower the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) to -200 to -400, eliminating free radicals for improved immunity and a happier healthier life
  • Powerful Six-stage Filter removes, solids, heavy metals, pesticides, toxins, chlorine and then remineralizes water with more than 20 trace elements resulting in great tasting silky smooth water
  • The Leak-proof Cartridge screws in place safeguarding from unfiltered water to leakage that drop-in filter allow, while the 60-day Countdown Replacement Indicator shows exactly when to swap filters
  • Full-Fill BPA-free Pitcher design – a generous 3.5 liter capacity that actually fills the whole way, PLUS a built-to-last lid and handle that won’t break or fall off.

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2 thoughts on “Lighthouse H2O Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5 Liter w/ Extra 6-Stage Filter

  1. SO Happy!! Top of the line!!! We have been using the zero water filtering system at home for a couple years, but they go fast and are virtually tasteless.In Florida we must filter our water, so we are always looking for a better alternative. It was time to try something new and we are so glad we did!The Lighthouse h20 alkaline water pitcher is so easy to use, just by screwing the filters into the pitcher! It does take a little longer to filter through compared to the zero water, but it just means that it’s doing…

  2. I’ve been researching how PH balance plays an important role in disease prevention and I’ve also been wanting a easy way to filter my horrible tap water. I must say that the water filtered in the lighthouse H20 Alkaline pitcher tastes wonderful! No more nasty chlorine taste, no more tasting dirt in my water. That’s because the filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides toxins and solids. It came with an additional filter and each filter lasts 60 days. The filters are so easy to screw in…

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