Kona Deep Pure Deep Ocean Electrolyte Mineral Water (500 ML), 24 Count

Introducing Kona Deep: pure and refreshing water from the deep ocean waters of Hawaii. Salt is removed but natural electrolytes are left in for exceptional hydration. In bringing Kona Deep to you, we add nothing. Our water comes from an extraordinary deep ocean current filled with water from melted glacier water. It soaks up beneficial electrolytes and minerals before arriving at the island of Hawaii. Pure, hydrating and an infinitely renewable resource. As you hydrate your body with Kona Deep, rest assured that you’re drinking water from an immense, all natural supply that is as perpetual as it is pure.

Product Features

  • Contains 24, 500 ml bottles
  • Naturally pure water sourced 3,000 feet below the ocean surface
  • Rich in electrolytes: Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride, Calcium & Sodium for deep hydration
  • All natural with nothing added
  • Pure and renewable ionically charged deep ocean water

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3 thoughts on “Kona Deep Pure Deep Ocean Electrolyte Mineral Water (500 ML), 24 Count

  1. Keeps you feeling great! Wanted to try something other than my favorite water Evian. I liked the story of where this water comes from and loved my visits to Kona and the Big Island. 🙂 The water is good, tastes crisp and fresh with a very slight mineral flavor. I still like Evian the best tho! I’d say Kona Deep is now tied with Fiji for second place. I think its kinda nuts to pay this much for water but I find if really like the taste I drink way more (I’ve been told by my doctor to drink more water). Wish they…

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