JNW Direct Drinking Water Test Strips 15 in 1, Best Kit for Accurate Water Quality Testing at Home, 100 Strips MEGA Pack, Easy to Read & Instant Results

You are likely ingesting contaminants daily in your everyday drinking water which cause long term health problems for you and your family.

Introducing the complete water testing kit for your daily needs from JNW Direct. Our kit tests for:

Fluoride: Adults exposed to excessive fluoride may have increased likelihood of bone fractures, leading to pain and tenderness. Impacts children’s teeth in formative stages.
Lead: Lead can cause damage to your brain, kidneys, nervous system and bone marrow.
Iron: Iron can cause increased risk of arthritis, liver and heart problems.
Copper: Copper can cause abdominal and muscle pain.
pH: Not having neutral water can cause huge problems like metal ions such as iron copper and lead to leach into the water.
Total Hardness: Hard water can cause an unpleasant taste.
Nitrite and Nitrate: These can cause developmental issues.
Free Chlorine: Having too much chlorine in water is said to increase risk of cancer.
Carbonate: Carbonate is related to hardness or TDS and you should be aiming for a mid range result
Cyanuric Acid: Should be no more than 40 ppm to drink, used as a disinfectant in pools and spas
Total Chlorine: Having too much chlorine in water is said to increase risk of cancer.
Bromine: Bromine is commonly used for disinfecting pools and spas, there should be none in your drinking water
Total Alkalinity: Alkaline water can cause problems for people with kidney issues and can disturb the body’s natural pH level.
Ammonium Chloride: Commonly used as a disinfectant, there should be none in your drinking water.

Important tips:
– Store in a cool dry place to ensure freshness and longevity of strips.
– Put the lid back on properly, when you take out a strip.
– If you suspect your strips to be defective or they have turned brown please contact us.
– Download your bonus ebook.

Product Features

  • 15 PARAMETER TEST STRIPS – Tests for: Fluoride, Total Hardness, pH, Lead, Iron, Copper, Total Alkalinity, Nitrite, Nitrate, Free Chlorine, Carbonate, Cyanuric Acid, Ammonium Chloride, Total Chlorine and Bromine
  • IDEAL RANGE FOR DRINKING WATER is marked on bottle for extra ease of use. Our test strip kit comes with a great e-book listing the epa standards and we explain how you can easily improve your water supply to have purer drinking water
  • THE ULTIMATE AT HOME TESTING KIT for your drinking water – Each strip provides accurate and fast results for any water sources including well and tap water, or any other potable water sources. Also works great for testing pools spas and hot tubs, freshwater and saltwater aquariums or any other water source
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE, Instant reliable results with simple and clear instructions. Simply dip and compare with color chart on bottle. No more mailing samples off to an expensive lab and waiting weeks or even months for results
  • GREAT FOR KIDS SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS and school classroom water testing. We also offer a lifetime money back guarantee on all our products, we are that confident you will love this kit!

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