iSpring RCC7P-AK High Capacity, Boosted Performance Under Sink 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener with Alkaline Remineralization and Pump WQA Gold Seal

As America’s favorite brand of reverse osmosis systems, and backed by iSpring’s industry-leading customer support, the RCC7P-AK is unequaled in quality, performance, and durability. The system consists of 6-stage, layered filtration built around precision reverse osmosis (RO) technology that removes over 1000+ different kinds of contaminants in order to provide the best home drinking water filtration available.

Unlike some other systems, the combination of both GAC and CTO filters in the 2nd and 3rd stages provides greater protection against harmful chemicals than CTO alone. It features a 75 gallon-per-day capacity RO membrane, which is larger than most in its class and provides the capacity to economically handle the drinking water needs of even a large family.

The RCC7P-AK model of the iSpring RCC7 line of products is equipped with a booster pump for situations where inlet/house water pressure is low – below about 40 PSI. Reverse Osmosis requires high pressure to force the impurities out of the water. If the pressure is too low, the process will not be efficient. Adding a booster pump where the inlet water pressure is too low solves this problem by ensuring optimal pressure to the RO membrane at all times. Pure water can be produced more quickly with less water loss. The booster pump operates nearly noiselessly and only when needed. Usually it can barely be heard over normal kitchen activity.

After flowing through the initial 5 stages of the iSpring RCC7 line of Reverse Osmosis filtering products, the RCC7P-AK model also adds another Alkaline Remineralization (AK) stage. This stage is designed to restore the natural alkalinity and mineral balance of the water. The RO process effectively generates pure water but it also removes a few helpful minerals in the process. The red mineral stone portion of the AK filter adds back healthy minerals including not just calcium, but also other beneficial minerals, like magnesium, that other systems don’t. The calcite portion of the filter neutralizes the pH of the RO water. And the water tastes better too. Because RO water is so pure, many people find it tastes unnatural. Many people prefer the more natural taste that comes from the presence of some minerals in the water. Remineralization restores just the right proportion of healthy minerals.

Designed for do-it-yourself installation by most users, the entire system fits nicely under a standard kitchen sink. Installation is straightforward and all parts necessary for installation are included. You are guided by clear, well organized written instructions, instructional videos and access to iSpring’s unparalleled technical support.

The system is quiet and low maintenance. Replacement filters are standard sized and sold at factory direct pricing. A lead-free, solid brass faucet with brushed nickel finish is included with the system and is usually mounted on the counter as the primary source of drinking water, but output lines can also be connected to your ice maker, coffee maker, etc.

The whole system is backed by a 1-year money-back guarantee, a 1-year manufacturer warranty and iSpring’s unique lifetime technical support provided right here in the USA in Alpharetta Georgia. With the RCC7P-AK, enjoy crisp-tasting, bottled quality water, every day, right in your home.

  • Incoming Water Pressure: 30 PSI – 70 PSI
  • Operating water temperature range: 40 – 100 °F
  • Maximum TDS: 750 ppm “

Product Features

  • Alkaline remineralization filter balances pH using naturally occurring calcite
  • Red mineral stones reintroduce ionized minerals including calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium
  • Built in Booster Pump raises low incoming water pressure (<45 PSI), increasing the system's efficiency and production speed
  • Filters up to 99% of 1,000+ pollutants including chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, pesticides, pathogens, sulfur, THMs, PFOA and PFOS
  • European Style Brushed Nickel Faucet
  • Transparent housing for visual filter monitoring
  • Earned Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal for exceptional quality, safety, and durability
  • Streamlined DIY installation process
  • Fits most under sink cabinets
  • Proudly Built in the USA
  • Based out of Atlanta, Georgia
  • (678) 261-7612
  • 1 year money-back guarantee
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Lifetime tech support

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  1. … for about 2 months now and I’ve been very pleased with the unit Had it for about 2 months now and I’ve been very pleased with the unit. No more filling and lugging 5 gallon jugs and buying bottled water.Very easy to install the tubing are color coded and the instructions even tho its a different model then the one i got, i was still able to follow without an issue. As expected the unit does take a lot of space.Took me about and hour to install that’s with flushing pre-filter 2 and 3 plus waiting to fill the tank and emptying it again.Am glad i…

  2. Crystal Clear Water!! Purchased for a 2nd home that is in a very remote area and is used by multiple guests. The well water tests okay to drink but it tastes metallic, is tan in color and has a sulfur smell. Bottled cooler water was the only solution and the house goes through several 5 gallon bottles a week. I got the unit with the built in pump as the water pressure is 30-40 pounds. Received the unit in about 3 days and was really concerned I wouldn’t have everything I need to finish the install and a trip to…

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