Ice Age Glacial Water, Ph 9.5 Alkaline, Pack of 12 (16.9 Ounce)

Today, despite that the last Ice Age ended nearly 10,000 years ago-many mountains still rise to heavily glaciated peaks across Canada, including the largest temperate-latitude ice fields in the world. 200 miles NW of Vancouver in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, on land protected by government and secluded in nature, shielded from civilization and industry; the ancient ice fields of the Toba Inlet form the source of our ultra-pure Ice Age Glacial Water. Equipped with our NSF and Kosher certified modern facility, Ice Age Glacial Water Company has proudly brought this extremely pure, soft, luxurious, and incredibly smooth tasting water to the world.

Product Features

  • INFUSED: Infused with minerals and electrolytes, a unique high alkaline water is created for your replenishment and hydration
  • PURE: Our pure glacial melt water, enhanced!
  • FUNCTIONAL: Premium high alkaline water with functional benefits
  • SUSTAINABLE: Collected as natural glacial run off and bottled at a zero waste facility
  • VITAL: Nothing is more vital than water

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3 thoughts on “Ice Age Glacial Water, Ph 9.5 Alkaline, Pack of 12 (16.9 Ounce)

  1. Glacial water/open water This water is pure glacial water (blue label). It is excellent water. Glacial water is Open Water, meaning the 2 hydrogen molecules have a greater space between them than does regular water. This causes the water to vibrate at a higher energy level, which germs can’t tolerate, the water is more hydrating & it helps detox the cells. The water is very low in minerals, as distilled water is, so one cannot drink it as your main source of water lest you strip vital minerals from your body but by…

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