GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker Machine Generator Hydrogen Water Bottle Pitcher Ionize System with SPE & PEM Tech,US Proton Membrane, Make Hydrogen Content to 800-1200 PPB, PH 7.5-9.5

Capacity: 1L/35OZ Color: WHITE

Product Features

  • 1.Hydrogen Alkaline water maker with Safe and Stable American DuPont Proton Membrane: GOSOIT is the first company to use US proton membranes for hydrogen water bottle, with advanced technology, stable quality and safety and reliability.
  • 2. Advanced PEM & SPE Technology:GOSOIT hydrogen Water generator with lasted SPE and PEM Technology.And hydrogen water maker machine only electrolysis water into H + and OH-,without generating ozone and chlorine.
  • 3.1000ml/35oz Hydrogen water Pitcher : GOSOIT is  earliest has large capacity hydrogen water bottle on the Amazon. Our company has 1000ml / 35oz and 2000ml/70oz hydrogen water pitcher for you to choose, satisfy the whole family to drink once, keep our family young.
  • 4.Simple Operation and approve ERU food grade Certification and US FDA : GOSOIT Hydrogen water maker uses one-button work, LED work display, and all products approved European food grade certification and America FDA , and are exported to European and American countries. Easy to operate and safe to use.
  • 5.Take your hydrogen water ionize system with 30 days Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year hassle free warranty and a USA offer sale service department. Our factory have all the spare product for your peace of mind.

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