GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Ionizer, Hydrogen Water Maker Machine with SPE Membrane,Make Hydrogen Content Up to 800-1200 ppb and PH of 7.5-9.0 (Blue)


1.Please reserve 1inch space of the bottle (keep the water level 1cm lower than bottle mouth)
when making hydrogen, the reason is that the air pressure difference between inside
and outside of bottle after hydrogen making will cause the bottle cap is a little tight to open

2.Warranty period: one year

3.It’s not dirty or used one when you see some mist in bottle
caused by the temperature difference between outside and inside of bottle
when the cap is closed, the mist will disappear after opening the cap.
Hydrogen is a natural antioxidant, and the hydrogen water produced by the hydrogen-rich water bottle has a similar effect:

A.Gradually improve the blood sugar and prevent the complications.

B.Improve physical fitness and allergy.

C.Relieve muscle soreness and restore strength.

D. Improve constipation and reduce swelling.

Product features:

1.High concentration hydrogen production: hydrogen productivity 6min hydrogen concentration 1000-1200ppb
Strong osmotic force and small water molecule can effectively improve the taste of hydrogen-rich water.

2. Humanized Design:
A. Hidden USB charging connector (supporting data cable)
3. Applicable environment: can be used for outdoor travel, office work and family life and other daily needs.

Product Specification:

Material: Food grade ABS,BPA Free
Product Weight: 500g
Dimension: 2.7*2.7*7.87in
Capacity: 300ml/10oz
Rated Voltage: 5V
Hydrogen concentration: 1000-1200PPB

1. First use or long time no use, please wash it thoroughly before use.
2. Try not to use it when charging

Product Features

  • Efficient Hydrogen and Alkaline water Production: Rapidly electrolyze the hydrogen from water, only need 3 mins produce 1100 ppb high concentration hydrogen rich water, activate water molecules to make the water to show alkalescent with PH value 7.5–9.0, negative (electric) potential up to -350MV
  • The efficacy of hydrogen rich water : The H2 from hydrogen rich water combined with malignant free radical in the body, deoxidize active body oxygen balance and restore cell activity
  • Simple design: double transparent glass with curve design , heat retaining and anti-scald one button operation, hydrogen making is visible, beautiful LED indicator, the cap with anti high pressure, the base has anti-skid pad at bottom, steady , easy to clean and disassemble
  • Food Grade Material: Highly-affective electrolysis and long life use, micro electrolysis enables water wrap water molecules, promote the H2 combined with water steadily, easy to be absorb by the body
  • Applicable for all people: gift design with high-end packaging for hydrogen rich water bottle, health electrolysis water bottle, preferred choice for holiday gift

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