GoFiltr Alkaline Mg (Magnesium) – Create up to 9.5pH Magnesium Enriched Ionized Alkaline Water in Minutes in Any Water Bottle

Alkaline water used to be the go-to hydration of celebrities, the rich and the hipsters – until now. We’d like to introduce you to GoFiltr and its ability to produce the most advanced ionized mineral alkaline water with electrolytes using any bottle. Imagine turning regular drinking water into ionized antioxidant alkaline water in minutes by simply adding a GoFiltr infuser to your reusable water bottle and filling it up. GoFiltr Alkaline creates natural Ionized Antioxidant Mineral Alkaline Water with Electrolytes in minutes in any water bottle, turning your favorite bottle into the best alkaline water bottle. Just drop it in your water bottle and keep refilling, it’s that simple. Infuses water naturally with vital minerals, electrolytes, and trace elements, increases pH up to 9.5 and decreases ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) by more than 300 points, creating Ionized Antioxidant Mineral Alkaline water that delivers powerful hydration on-the-go. For those looking to upgrade their water experience, better hydration no longer comes in the form of overpriced bottles. GoFiltr provides alkaline and electrolyte water right in the convenience of your own reusable water bottle, fitting openings one inch or larger. Each infuser provides up to 3 months or 750 refills. Looking to keep track of your usage and refills? The GoFiltr app lets you see your optimal water intake and get notified when it’s time to replace your GoFiltr.

Product Features

  • MAGNESIUM ENRICHED ALKALINE WATER / Our Most Advanced Magnesium Enriched Alkaline Infusers
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED. Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium are perfectly balanced and working in harmony to create an ultimate hydration
  • MADE TO FIT ANY BOTTLE / No attachments. No modifications. Simply drop it in your favorite water bottle and keep refilling. Designed for bottles up to 40oz, with an opening of 1″ or larger, lasts up to 3 months or 750 refills
  • MADE WEEKLY IN CALIFORNIA / All GoFiltrs are made weekly in small batches in sunny California

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