Geo Silica Iceland – Liquid Organic Silica Supplement 300ML – PH 8.5 Alkaline Water

Geo Silica Iceland Liquid Silica supplement is high quality, 100% natural mineral, extracted from the high-temperature geothermal reservoirs in Iceland. No artificial chemicals are added and the packaging can be recycled. How much to take of the geosilica and how often? One tablespoon (10 ml) once a day is the recommended dose. However, taking larger doses is all right to reduce occasional heartburn and reflux discomfort. How long time does it take to feel the change? It depends a lot on what people are taking the silica for and it can also be very subjective. The majority will see difference in their nails and hair relatively soon or within a month. Many have found a significant improvement of pain of various kinds after similar length of time Silica increases the utilization of calcium and helps with depositing minerals into bone tissue. This action is independent of D vitamin. Silica does not, however, replace other minerals and vitamins.

Product Features

  • Geo Silica Iceland – Liquid Organic Silica Supplement 6000 MG Silica / 300ML Icelandic Mineral Water – PH 8.5 Alkaline Water
  • Liquid Silica Supplement helps with Emission of aluminum from the body. Assists with Hair, Nail and Skin Growth.
  • Liquid Silica Supplement also Assists with Lowering the risk of osteoporosis, Assets with Stronger and more elastic veins and arteries,
  • Liquid Silica Supplementation helps Reduction of wrinkles and even repairs of skin damage and Less brittle and more beautiful nails and hair, Overall firmer and healthier skin, Assist with Newly formed bone tissue more receptive for other minerals, Stimulation of collagen formation.
  • This Liquid Silica Supplement is produced with geothermal energy and water. There is no carbon footprint in making this Product.

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