FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 1.0L Bottles (Pack of 12)

Far from pollution. Far from acid rain. Far from industrial waste. There’s no question about it: Fiji is far away. But when it comes to drinking water, remote happens to be very, very good.

Product Features

  • Perfect for hiking, traveling, and general hydration
  • Bottled from a natural artesian aquifer in the remote Fiji Islands
  • Beloved for its soft, smooth taste

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2 thoughts on “FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 1.0L Bottles (Pack of 12)

  1. Fantastic tasting water This is by far my favorite water and also the cheapest way I have found to purchase it. I get it through subscribe and save which makes it cheaper even than Wal mart (although I don’t have Sam’s, BJ’s, or Costco membership so I can’t compare those). I don’t like using all the plastic bottles, but I haven’t found a filter that makes my tap water taste as good as this. I try to offset my plastic consumption by purchasing products actually made from recycled plastics, and cutting down on other…

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