Extra VitaBead Diffuser (4-Pack) for The DYLN Living Alkaline Water Bottle

Each Extra VitaBead Diffuser lasts up to up to 300 liters/80 gallons and fits securely in the bottom of your DYLN Living Water Bottle. Within 15-20 minutes of adding water to your DYLN Bottle, the VitaBead Diffuser increases the pH up to 9, while reducing the ORP down to -150, to deliver alkaline antioxidant water. We recommend replacing each Diffuser every 3 months, depending on your daily usage.

Product Features

  • ALKALINE WATER – Increases the pH up to 9+ to create alkaline water
  • ANTIOXIDANT WATER – Reduces the ORP down to -150 to create antioxidant water
  • REPLACEABLE – Each Diffuser can be easily removed and replaced within your DYLN Bottle to ensure you are always enjoying alkaline water
  • 316 STAINLESS STEEL – The VitaBeads are housed in the highest quality surgical-grade stainless steel available
  • DYLN BOTTLE – Designed to sit securely on the bottom of the DYLN Living Water Bottle to deliver premium hydrating water wherever, whenever

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