Essentia Water; 12, 12-oz Bottles; Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water; Clinically Shown to Rehydrate Better; 99.9% Pure; 9.5 pH or Higher; Consistent Quality in Every BPA and Phthalate-Free Bottle

Whether climbing Mt. Rainier, competing for a tournament title or simply chasing the kids in the backyard, people perform best when well-hydrated. Clinical studies show Essentia Water rehydrates better than a leading bottled water*, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to increase their potential. Using a proprietary process that purifies source water to ensure it is 99.9% pure and free of contaminants, metals, fluoride, microorganisms, bacteria or chlorine, Essentia then infuses a perfect blend of alkaline electrolytes to achieve incredible taste. Finally, its water is supercharged through ionization to remove bitter-tasting acidic ions, resulting in smooth and satisfying water. With an earth-conscience and future-focused mission, Essentia’s unique formula can be used with any water source in the world, reducing environmental impact and ensures that someday, quality water will hydrate people everywhere. *Based on a 2014 hydration study

Product Features

  • Use of microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light exposure mean every bottle distributed has 99.9% pure composition that meets EPA, FDA and IBWA standards for purified drinking water
  • Essentia Water shown to rehydrate more effectively* than another leading bottled water used in clinical trial*; the only bottled water noted in Physicians’ Desk Reference
  • 12-ounce bottles of Essentia make a great addition to a sack lunch, gift and picnic baskets, training packs, cooler for tailgates or block parties, duffel bags headed to beach, practice or campout
  • To improve taste, Essentia adds a perfect blend of pure alkaline electrolytes, including calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium bicarbonate, in trace amounts that complement the body’s natural mix
  • Musicians, athletes, coaches, trainers, artists, students, professionals and travelers share the value of overachievement with Essentia Water; Essentia is The Future of Water

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