Essentia – Ionized Alkaline PH Balancing Water – 20 oz.

Essentia – Alkaline Water – 20 oz. (1.25 Liter) Essentia Alkaline Water water has been scientifically shown to be more effective at rehydrating. What you drink is more important than how much. Essentia’s proprietary ionization process creates a clean, smooth-tasting 9.5 pH or higher ionized alkaline water that’s more effective at rehydrating. Why do you need ionized hydration – When you’re properly hydrated, you move, think and do things better, faster and smarter. Essentia’s ionization process creates a clean and smooth tasting 9.5 pH or higher alkaline water that’s better at rehydrating. Here’s How: Purification They use micro-filters, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure to take their water to 99.9% purity. Electrolytes They infuse the perfect blend of pure alkaline electrolytes for a clean smooth taste. Ionization They supercharge the water, removing bitter-tasting ions, producing an ionized 9.5 pH or higher alkaline water. Drink Essentia. Get Ionized.  Frequently Asked Questions Why don’t pH strips work on Essentia Water? The pH strips (or Litmus Paper) which are commonly used to test the pH of urine or saliva cannot test accurately on waters as pure as Essentia. In order to accurately test the pH level of any purified water, a calibrated pH meter must be used. Furthermore, many paper test kits require a Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) of at least 150ppm for an accurate reading; Essentia has less than 70ppm, due in part to their process of removal of acidic ions. Please find attached a detailed PDF explaining how to test purified waters. Why is Essentia more rehydrating? What separates Essentia Water from the rest is their proprietary ionization process. It removes bitter-tasting acidic ions, producing a clean and smooth tasting 9.5 pH or higher alkaline water that is better at rehydrating. In December 2016, a study was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition that showed Essentia rehydrated better

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