Ehm 10 Pack Alkaline Water Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick. Raises water PH Adds Minerals.

Enjoy Crystal Clear, Ionized Water With Thirteen Mineral Waters Wherever You Are Thanks To This Fantastic Portable Filter Brought To You By EHM!

No one can deny the importance of water for our bodies; however, few of us really care to evaluate the quality of the water we drink daily. And even when we do, we are usually deprived of the luxury of filtered water when we are away from home.

EHM is here to change all this, by providing you with the simplest, yet most effective way to have pure, clean, ionized water at any given moment of your day, with these incredible Alkaline water sticks that will certainly become one of your favorite accessories!

What’s more, they also increase its pH level and ensure that its ORP value is decreased – talk about many birds with one stone! But the best part is that they are easily portable, which means, in less than ten minutes you can hydrate yourself with the best quality water, regardless of where you are!

Tourmaline Stones

Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral, which is widely known to help speed up your body’s metabolism, maintain your skin’s elasticity, and promote healthy blood circulation; a true, fully organic, natural booster in your water!

Germanium Stones

Aid your body’s absorbing and digesting abilities, as germanium helps break the water molecules to micro-clusters and, thus, brings ultimate hydration to your skin!

Far Infrared Ray & Maifanshi Stones!

Infrared Ray purifies your water by removing chlorine, impurities and heavy metals, along with energizing it. The additional EHM special Maifanshi stones re-mineralize it, by adding zinc, iron, calcium and more!

There’s No Time To Lose!

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Product Features

  • FORGET ABOUT CHLORINE TASTE AND ODOR! While we’re on that, you can also forget about impurities, and heavy metals floating inside the most important drink of your day – all thanks to this amazing, portable, hydrogen water ionizer that will significantly increase your water’s pH, while also lowering its ORP value!
  • MORE THAN 10 MINERALS NATURALLY DEPOSITED IN YOUR WATER! Not only do our premium filters purify your H2O; they also deposit abundant minerals into it, including Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and much more! That way your water becomes a natural energy booster, that also helps with weight management and enhanced sleep!
  • THE BEST, COST-EFFECTIVE MINERAL PURIFIER SOLUTION! Why keep on spending your hard-earned salary on bulky, impractical, and expensive filters? Most of them last the same as these ionizing sticks (one stick can filter approximately 90 liters of water), but they cannot be used literally ANYWHERE you are like little, handy straws!
  • A MUST-HAVE ESSENTIAL FOR WORLD WANDERERS! If you are an avid lover of outdoor excursions, then our water ionizer and purifier should not be missing from your backpack; it is ultra slim (17mm in diameter and 130 mm in length), and can be easily put in your carry-on bag, purse, or even in a large jacket pocket!
  • ORDER NOW WITH NOTHING TO LOSE! We are the first and most strict users of our Alkaline water sticks. Hence we are certain that you will be perfectly happy with them.

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3 thoughts on “Ehm 10 Pack Alkaline Water Ionizer Hydrogen Water Stick. Raises water PH Adds Minerals.

  1. Total waste of money Total waste of money.The instructions say it takes 15 minutes. After more than 24 hours the pH of a .5 liter bottle of Aquafina which was a pH of 5.5 only went to a pH of 6.5.I thought my test strips had gone bad so I bought new ones and got the same result.If there was a no-star rating that’s what I would have given.Btw, adding 1/4 tsp of common baking soda changes the pH from 5.5 to about 7.8. I’ll be sticking to what works.I’ll be…

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