Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System for Faucet Mount with Extra Filtration Cartridge – Green

Meet your new kitchen best friend – an amazing countertop water filter water dispenser! This water purifier is compact, it is powerful and it helps you to live a successful, healthy and happy life!

  • Compared to an under sink water filter, a countertop water filter water dispenser is small and simple to use and to install by yourself. As it has no bulky tank, countertop water filter is an ultimate solution for a small kitchen. And in comparison to a water filter pitcher – a countertop water filter water dispenser has a larger cartridge capacity (whole 3 months!), excellent quality of filtration for a price of a water filter pitcher.
  • A patented technology Ecomix is used in countertop water filter water dispensers: unique filter cartridge will make your water safe and absolutely delicious! This type of water purifiers need neither drilling nor plumbing because they come with a faucet adapter – water goes straight from the tap into your glass! This fluoride filter also removes iron, manganese, lead, chlorine, water-hardening salts, sediment, and organic compounds, giving you valuable clear drinking water at home any time. Allow yourself a luxury to provide your family with essential safe and tasty pure drinking water!
  • The plastic used in such water purifiers is safe. Speaking of plastic, using a water purifier saves a ton of money, effort, and plastic bottles! Don’t waste money, reduce plastic consumption! Such a useful countertop water filter water dispenser has even more important benefits: great client support with individual approach and 24 months manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any questions about installation or anything else – feel free to contact any time.


Product Features

  • JOIN CELEBRITY HEALTH ROUTINE! Clear water, produced by this filter, is praised by stars like Beyoncé, because it is believed to have numerous health benefits like weight loss and clear skin, etc.
  • KITCHEN STYLE LEVEL UP! The beautiful water filter comes in the vivid design and fashionable color scheme. You are gorgeous, and so is your kitchen!
  • NO BOTTLES, NO BPA! Some water containers and water pitchers are made using BPA. The plastic used in our water filter is 100% safe and BPA free, so rest easy knowing you get safe water while also reducing plastic use.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE! You need to maintain the quality of life. The water filter is perfect for a household, where a water pitcher would be too small and an under sink water filter system too big.
  • EASY & SIMPLE! Our water filter cartridge makes water taste good and removes unwanted chemicals.

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2 thoughts on “Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System for Faucet Mount with Extra Filtration Cartridge – Green

  1. Great product and awesome cust service About the product, i did a research cause i was looking for: quality, price, user friendly, customer service and if really do the job. This Eco System meet my expectations and herei share with you all my honest experience.After the hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and as part of my first huge package of supplies i send first 3 of this filters. They where so please and happy, a gallon of water was $4.00 if you can find or can afford. The good thing was you can plug and unplug so they…

  2. Ecosoft Countertop Drinking Water Filter System – Bob! This is an easy-to-install counter-top water filter system which can be directly connected to kitchen faucet (No need to touch any pipe or drill holes like typical RO system installation). It doesn’t occupy much space in the kitchen (the base is less than 4″x 4″) and I like the modern look. I can see water filling up through the transparent case when I am getting water from the system.The package comes with everything I need to install the water filter. The included diverter is…

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