DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Cartridge Replacement

The Alkaline Water Pitcher allows for 3.5L of crisp, refreshing, alkaline water on demand. It is the ultimate Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. BPA FREE, STOP WASTING WATER BOTTLES and start adding Alkaline Benefits to your drinking water. This pitcher will deliver FRESH, INSTANTLY FILTERED ALKALINE WATER utilizing our Premium Cartridge filter. The cartridge REMOVES chlorine, odors, heavy metals and 90% of all zinc, copper, lead and pollutants to create an amazingly delicious alkaline beverage. REMOVES FREE RADICAL and ELIMINATES TOXINS with powerful ANTIOXIDANTS, and HIGH NEGATIVE ORP – INCREASES ENERGY LEVELS & your IMMUNE SYSTEM. FULLER FLAVOR for BETTER COFFEE and TEA. Healthier Water for Tastier Food when cooking. And most importantly, it’s great for the ENTIRE FAMILY!!

Product Features

  • FRESH, INSTANTLY FILTERED ALKALINE WATER – Utilizes a multipal stage cartridge consisting of ION EXCHANGE RESIN, TOURMALINE, MINERAL BALLS, AND CARBON. All combine to purify – removing chlorine, odors, heavy metals. Removing zinc, copper, lead and pollutants to create an amazingly delicious alkaline beverage
  • MANY BENEFITS OF DRINKING ALKALINE WATER – Removes Free radicals and Eliminates Toxins with powerful ANTIOXIDANTS, and HIGH NEGATIVE ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential is a measurement to oxidize contaminants) – INCREASES ENERGY LEVELS & IMMUNE SYSTEM
  • IMPROVE HYDRATION with MICRO-CLUSTERED MOLECULES – Allow your body to easily absorb water more easily with micro-clustering (reduces water molecule size naturally through contact with naturals stones and ceramics contained in the cartridge). INCLUDES 1 (one) CARTRIDGE…..Be sure to remove shipping stickers from bottom of cartridge when first received
  • UNIQUE DESIGN – Slim Pitcher easily fits in any refrigerator. Easy-to-fill Lid Designed to allow you to fill the reservoir without removing the cover. Easy Pour Spout ensures the perfect pour with no mess! Ergonomic Handle for Comfort During Use

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3 thoughts on “DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Cartridge Replacement

  1. Water tastes better than my tap water My tap water had always tasted very good to me. Then my daughter sent me a Dragonn Water Pitcher for my birthday & I tried it and found that my water tastes sweeter/cleaner now after it is filtered through the Dragonn filter in the pitcher. I did a “taste test” & I could taste the chlorine in my tap water and it is gone when I use the filtered water pitcher. I never really noticed the chlorine taste before. I bought a water tester and the filtered water is PH 8.4 and my tap water is PH…

  2. I’m sad to have to leave a negative review but I am over these filters. I purchased the pitcher and filter months ago and the first filter wouldn’t filter any water. The company sent me a new one for free and that one was better. I ordered a replacement filter and like the first one it won’t filter. I’m so tired of trying to bang it on the counter, squeeze it, and soak it yet none of it works. I love the actual pitcher but unfortunately I’m going to look for something completely different…

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