Crewelter Alkaline Water Ionizer Faucet Under Sink Conversion Kit 9 Enkion 7

-This beautiful sleek and sturdy, chromium-plated Alkaline Faucet
Conversion Kit transforms your countertop model into a compact, convenient,
and stylish under-the-sink ionizer. The water ionizer faucet and machine
are separated so water ionizer machine is installed inside sink cabinet,
while the faucet is installed on top of the contertop for convenience.

Faucet material Die Casting (Chromium Plating)
LED Panel
Touch sensor

Kit includes everything needed for a standard installation.

Works with CREWELTER9 Water Ionizers.

Product Features

  • NEW Version Under Sink Conversion Kit converts Counter Top Ionizer into Under Sink model
  • Touch button controls on top of the faucet provide convenient and easy use
  • Quick Set Up; All necessary accessories and connectors are included for standard installation
  • Metal Faucet Lead Free and Safe
  • Save space and Preserve the look of your kitchen

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