Countertop Alkaline Water Filter Dispenser – Clean, Energize and Purify Unlimited Amounts with the NuWater Filtration System.

NuWater Filter System Makes It Simple For You With:

– Instant Peace Of Mind Knowing The Water Is The Best

– Having Active Energised Alkaline Water Available Anytime To Take With You Anywhere

– Saving You Tons Of CASH Each Year On Bottled Water And Medical Bills

– Knowing The Water Will Invigorate You And Give You The Energy You Never Had

– Cleaning The Very Water That You Thought Was Safe Of Harmful Chemicals….And Much, MUCH More !

Why Buy NuWater?

Because our Introductory Offer we have Today will mean you can purchase a second NuWater Filtration System for under $40 making this purchase even More Affordable.

There are Limited Stocks available for the very few people who see a Great Deal like this from NuWater, not only that, we will give you a “Better Than Money Back Guarantee” for 90 days, No catches!

Here’s How:

Step 1: Take Action

Step 2: Order and Have Your Water Filtration Systems Shipped Today

Step 3: Our Support Team will Respond to you via email on How Best to Setup your Water System for Optimum Performance straight out of the box

Step 4: Start Filling your Daily Water Bottles and Save

Right Now, you can be sure to get Ongoing Support when you Buy your NuWater System.

Ps: Important – Don’t Wait, This Exclusive Under $40 Offer for your 2nd unit Is Only Available To Customers Who Purchase the NuWater System Here on Amazon

Total Dry Weight – 2.8kg – 6.18 lbs inc box

Dimensions – 285mm (11.2″) W – 290mm (11.4″) D – 240mm (9.4″) H

Assembled – 595mm (23.4″) H (with Base) – 455mm (17.9″) H (without Base)

Product Features

  • AMAZING BENEFITS! – Saves You A Ton of Cash on Bottled Water and Most of All Gives You Confidence knowing Your Family is Drinking Clean Healthy Chemical Free Water Everyday! … It’s Never Been Easier – Order Now with complete peace of mind thanks to our 90-day “better than money back” guarantee. No catches.
  • THE FACTS! – The #1 Trigger To Fatigue Is Dehydration – 37% of People Mistake Thirst for Hunger – Daily PH Balanced Water is Essential for Your Body Maintaining Good Health – Drinking a Refreshing, Great Tasting, Zero Calorie Beverage Promotes Health, Hydration and Focus.
  • FUNCTIONAL! – Minimum Space Required – Easy to Assemble, Fill and Maintain – Weighing only 5 pounds makes it Easy to Relocate Anywhere you need Safe Clean Water in your Home, Office or Business – Your family, Friends, Customers and Pets will enjoy Great Tasting Water – No Plumbing or Electricity Required
  • GETS THE JOB DONE! – The New (.2 Micron) Korea Ceramic Dome Filter Traps Contaminants, Bacteria, Spores, Cysts, Parasites while Reducing Organic Chemicals, Pesticides and Herbicides … Faster and Easier than ever before.
  • TRUSTED! – 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge provides you the ability to Remove Further Chemicals then adds Essential Minerals to keep the Water Alive and Fresh, giving you increased energy every time. – Plus… the Encased Mineral Stones Help Preserve Purity and Freshness of Stored water by inhibiting any secondary bacteria. Place Your Order for the NuWater 4 Gallon Filtration Unit Today…… See Description Below

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2 thoughts on “Countertop Alkaline Water Filter Dispenser – Clean, Energize and Purify Unlimited Amounts with the NuWater Filtration System.

  1. Everyone Needs One Of These This filter system is fantastic. The water tastes really good, even though it came from my tap. I will never buy bottled water again. The instructions for assembly are so easy that a two year old could put it together. The only thing I didn’t notice, and I probably just missed it, is that you have to soak the three filter system pieces for an hour or so before trying to use it. I contacted George from NuWater and he replied really quickly even though today is Sunday. Remember to dump the first…

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