Coral LLC Coral Alkaline Water Sachets,30 Sachets

Founded by Mr. Lee frank on august 1, 1995 for the purpose of producing the very first 100% plant-based human digestive enzyme formula in the USA, called absorb aid. Nature’s sources is dedicated to enhancing the overall health of its customers by offering superior nutritional products, education, service and support, and at the same time being considerate of the environment by utilizing only sustainable products in its manufacturing and distribution efforts.

Product Features

  • BOOST YOUR PH: Clean, Refreshing Taste. Add to normal drinking water to safely boost alkalinity.
  • INFUSED WITH NATURAL, HIGHLY ALKALIZING TRACE MINERALS: Helps boost and balance your pH to optimal levels.
  • CONVENIENT SACHETS: When added to water these mineral sachets will: raise the pH of your drinking water or beverage, Buffer chlorine, and add ionic trace minerals to the water.
  • HYDRATE: Infused with 74 Bio-Available Coral Natural Minerals
  • REMOVE CHLORINE: Natural Removes Chlorine form drinking water infused with vitamin C.

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2 thoughts on “Coral LLC Coral Alkaline Water Sachets,30 Sachets

  1. Life changing product to anyone who has an acidic pH (which is mostly anyone who has some sort of chronic illness).This stuff won’t work that great if your diet is still terrible. ie, eating fried foods, drinking sugary drinks or alcohol all the time, overloading on grains or carbs, etc.This stuff isn’t magic. It’s a tool to help your body balance out. And the way it does it, is absolutely FANTASTIC.There’s no such thing as a magic bullet or cure all. Your…

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