BlueQQ the Ultimate Alkaline Natural Mineral Water Ionizer 500ml

Product Features

  • Package: bottle (1ea) + cartridge (1ea) / main component: sophoricoside ceramic ball, alkali mineral, anti-bacteria ceramic ball, etc
  • Alkalizes and adds minerals to water after 10 mins
  • Drinking water recommended for use
  • Hassle free cartridge and easy cleaning

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2 thoughts on “BlueQQ the Ultimate Alkaline Natural Mineral Water Ionizer 500ml

  1. The Real Deal I did my research on water Ph and the benefits of it, I came across this product and I got to say this is the real deal. I work on a therapy pool and did the Ph test digitally with the machine that I have. I used drink Aquafina because of the great taste but I soon realize the Ph levels are really low (6.5) compared to our blood Ph (7.4) so this Alkaline water bottle converted my Aquafina water from a 6.5 to a 8.5 after doing the test almost instantly. such a great product that I want to…

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