BlueQQ FDA Certified Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Water Bottle (1000ml) for Table User, 2016 New Model Version

How to use – do not use non-drinkable or polluted water – After you fill water in the bottle drink the water within 2 days, then refill it with clean water – it is recommended to clean the cartridge 3 times a week by filling up the bottle with 1/3 amount of water and rinsing the bottle by shaking it – After you refill 1,200 times, a cartridge change is needed – do not use hot water (over 60 c)/ do not put bottle in the freezer – The effectiveness and the duration of the cartridge depend on the type of water being used – You may notice small particles in the water during use. They are natural minerals which are harmless. To clean the bottle, pour about 20cc vinegar into the bottle filling up to 2/3 of the bottle and please shake it several times Certification – U.S. FDA (U.S food and drug administration) guideline test – Kewwi (Korea environment & water works institute) drinking water quality test – Japan FDA (ministry pf health and welfare) test – Kfia (Korea far infrared association) anion & far infrared ray emission test – Kotric (Korea testing & research institute for chemical industry) cartridge a virulent test.

Product Features

  • Package : bottle (1ea) + cartridge (1ea) / main component : sophoricoside ceramic ball, alkali mineral, anti-bacteria ceramic ball, etc.
  • With its distinctive smooth and silky texture of the water
  • Alkalizes and adds minerals to water after 10 mines
  • Drinking water recommended for use

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2 thoughts on “BlueQQ FDA Certified Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Water Bottle (1000ml) for Table User, 2016 New Model Version

  1. The Real Deal I did my research on water Ph and the benefits of it, I came across this product and I got to say this is the real deal. I work on a therapy pool and did the Ph test digitally with the machine that I have. I used drink Aquafina because of the great taste but I soon realize the Ph levels are really low (6.5) compared to our blood Ph (7.4) so this Alkaline water bottle converted my Aquafina water from a 6.5 to a 8.5 after doing the test almost instantly. such a great product that I want to…

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