Best Alkaline Water – Alkaline Water Ionizer – used with Alkaline Water Pitcher – Water Filter Replacement

★ PHYTO FILTER alkaline ionizer was created by high-class specialists in ph water, alkaline water treatment, water filters and water filter replacements.

For many years our team have been researching water filter and water filter replacements world market, customer’s needs and demands in water treatment. And we can say now, that our goal is using special patented formulas for each of our new products, as water ionizer, water filter pitcher, alkaline water pitcher, water filter replacements, alkaline water filter replacement, alkaline water bottle .

❤We care about the quality of water you drink, and we want you to drink the best alkaline water, that’s why we use only 100% quality, certified and USA approved ingredients. PHYTO FILTER Alkaline water Ionizer was created using PHYTO MIX SPECIAL FORMULA, pH improving, Magnesium enriching and ORP (oxidation reduction potential improving) which makes water incredible tasty and healthy!

Using our water ionizer you can get 9.0 ph water, 9.4 ph water, 9.5 ph alkaline water, with Magnesium. Alkaline water increases blood oxygen levels to deliver more energy to the body! ph water neutralizes the acidity of the body caused by stress and improves the body’s absorption of essential nutrients.

Wash alkaline water ionizer with a tap water before using. Place ph ionizer into the water filter pitcher / picnic pitcher / fitness water bottle / water filter bottle and enjoy the fresh, extremely tasty alkaline water!

★★★★★Satisfaction guaranteed! We believe our product improves your life and makes you happy! But, if you have any question or want to refund – feel free to contact our customer support.

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Product Features

  • ✅ BEST ALKALINE WATER, 9.5 PH WATER, HUGE LONG LIFE ALKALINE IONIZER (1500 cup)! Alkaline Water Maker of Tasty & Healthy water! Restores Body Function, Improves Immune System, Removes Heavy Metals!
  • ✅ 100% QUALITY! COMPACT WATER IONIZER! EASY TO USE WITH: ALKALINE WATER PITCHER, WATER FILTER PITCHER, Brita Water Filter Replacement or any other Water Filter Cartridge!
  • ✅ WHAT ALKALINE WATER CAN DO FOR YOU? WEIGHT LOSS, BODY DETOX, HYDRATION & ENERGY! Improves your Sport Results! Use our Portable Alkaline Mineralizer with your Fitness Water Bottle or Water Filter Bottle!
  • ✅ ALKALINE WATER IONIZER, USA CERTIFIED INGREDIENTS! (FDA & WQA APPROVED). Makes 9.4 pH Water, 9.0 pH Water, Magnesium Water, ORP (oxidation reduction)
  • ✅ JUST USE OUR ALKALINE WATER MINERALIZER with Alkaline Water Filter Replacement or any other Water Filter Replacements, with The Water Filter, Water Purifier Filter or Mineral Water Filter, and enjoy Fresh & Incredible Tasty Water, with Improved pH and Magnesium+

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