Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Make alkaline water benefits with the Bawell Platinum water ionizer machine at the touch of a button. Connecting this machine to your kitchen faucet or to the water line below your sink will allow you to make ionized alkalized water with medically research potential health benefits listed in the US National Library of Medicine Database. People wonder what exactly is alkaline water and what are its health benefits. There are many different ways to make alkaline drinking water, but only alkaline ionized water made by electrolysis has been researched and found to have antioxidant properties due to its negative Oxidation Reduction Potential and slightly higher ph. This water is called Electrolyzed Reduced Water by the scientific community and it is only made by the water electrolysis process which occurs inside water ionizers. With your own water electrolysis machine you can separate the alkaline and acidic minerals present in tap or well water to make natural alkaline water and acidic ionized water. This water alkalizer works by separating the minerals in your water allowing you to create water from a ph of 2.0 to 12.0 and a -ORP value of +600mV to -800mV. It allows you to make fresh antioxidant rich higher ph ionized drinking water everyday in unlimited amounts for yourself, your family, and even your pets. The human body is nearly 70% water by weight making water the most important nutrient within the body. By simply drinking the recommended 8 glasses per day of ionized alkalized electrolyzed living water you too will discover the health benefits already experienced by hundreds of millions of people living worldwide. Read reviews from previous owners of the Bawell brand alkaline water ionizers to see just what health benefits are possible when improving the most important nutrient within your body. The Platinum alkaline water machine has a Forever Lifetime Warranty covered by Bawell.

Product Features

  • Bawell Water Ionizer Filter Systems Make Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits for drinking and Acidic Water for cleaning.
  • Alkaline Water Ionizer Filter Systems from Bawell feature a Forever Lifetime Warranty
  • Make alkaline and acidic water with PH Range 2.0 to 12.0 ORP Range +600 to -800 The Internal 2 Stage Water Filter System gives you cleaner more purified drinking water. Change the 2 filters every 5000 liters on average.
  • This Alkaline Water Machine is only for the Countertop, it connects to the faucet or water line below the sink.
  • To Make Alkaline Water Benefits the Water Ionizer requires minimum water pressure of 20lbs Per Square Inch of Constant water pressure (20psi) supplied by tap or well water pressure. Well water pressure that fluctuates or is not constant is unsuitable for use with this machine.

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2 thoughts on “Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

  1. Bawell the miracle machine Hello, I will say right up front I didnt purchase my unit from Amazon, but directly from the company. The only reason why was that they had a great sale one weekend that beat the Amazon price. This unit performs and exceeds my expectations. We started with a water company that promoted Kangan machines and the water, but found we could not afford that price. Not only that it appeared like their unit required more maintenance with the Kangan. With the Bawell machine the cleaning is automatic…

  2. Fantastic water…..definitely feeling health benefits Love this water! We had used a friend’s kangen until we got this. We couldn’t afford a kangen so researched other companies. I kept coming back to Bawell. I’m so glad I purchased this. We purchased through Amazon so we could make payments. Best investment ever. All of our family feels much healthier and the taste is fabulous. We have the prefilter on ours due to our hard water. We couldn’t be happier. The seller is wonderful! All of our questions were answered very fast. He was extremely…

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