AQUASPREE – EXCLUSIVE 9 STAGE ALKALINE WATER FILTER. Premium Quality 5 Gallon Countertop Water Purification System.

• AQUASPREE 9 STAGE DRINKING WATER PURIFIER SYSTEM recreates Nature’s amazing process of purifying, mineralizing, and alkalinizing water. Achieves 50 times higher than the strict standard requirements of WHO (World Health Organization) for drinking water. Stage 1 – Flat Ceramic Filter pores of 0.1 to 0.3 microns effectively filters Rust, Sediments, Particles and Impurities. Inhibits Germs, Bacteria and Parasites. Stage 2 – Ion Exhange Resin softens water, removes toxins and heavy metals. Stage 3 – Coconut Shell Activated Carbon traps and removes organic contaminants including VOC, Pesticide, Chlorine, Herbicides and Disinfectants. Stage 4 – Far Infrared Ceramic Ball produce mild ionization, neutralizes acidic components, increases Alkalinity for better hydration, absorption and improved Vitality. Stage 5 – KDF Copper Zinc Alloy Coating’s Oxidation/Reduction process removes and neutralize Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide. Stage 6 -Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon Layer inhibits bacteria, preserves purity efficiently. Stage 7 – Ultrafiltration Membrane with 0.001 micron pore diameter, removes up to 99.8% of bacteria. Stage 8 – Maifanite Purification Filter – thermally treated, soaked and sterilized in Silver Liquid to ensure antibacterial functions. Stage 9 – Magnetic Device reconstructs the water molecules into smaller clusters for improved absorption, boost energy and immune level. BPA-FREE. Portable, requires no electricity or complicated plumbing. Top holding tank capacity is 2.1 gallon, storage tank is 3.2 gallon. Ceramic Filter life is 1 year or 1000 gallons. Main 6 Stage Filter life is 6 months or 500 gallons. Maifanite Filter life is up to 3 years. Enjoy Water Again.

Product Features

  • AQUASPREE 9 STAGE DRINKING WATER PURIFIER SYSTEM: Now you can enjoy endless source of Pristine, Premium, Mineralized Alkaline drinking water on your countertop.
  • RECREATES NATURE’S PROCESS OF PURIFYING, MINERALIZING AND ALKALINIZING: Each drop of water is gravity fed, slow exposure and contact from the layers of Filters, Minerals, Ultrafiltration membrane and Magnetic field – purifies, Ionizes and transforms each drop just like nature’s amazing filtration process.
  • HOW AQUASPREE WATER PURIFIER WORKS: Our innovative Flat Ceramic Filter works seamlessly with the 6 stage main filter, Maifanite filer and Magnetic device to create smooth, safe and mineralized Alkaline drinking water.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, RENEWABLE SOURCE, BPA-FREE: Consider that 38 billion water bottles are wasted each year. Make a difference today, chose our BPA-FREE AQUASPREE PURIFIER SYSTEM and let’s drink to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet.
  • IDEAL FOR HOME, OFFICE, CABIN AND DORM: AQUASPREE SYSTEM requires no electricity or complicated plumbing. Simply enjoy Premium, Safe and Delicious Alkaline water anywhere.

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3 thoughts on “AQUASPREE – EXCLUSIVE 9 STAGE ALKALINE WATER FILTER. Premium Quality 5 Gallon Countertop Water Purification System.

  1. Love the new 9 stage system I have used different kinds of water filter system in the past few years. I was not truly satisfied with any of them but anything was better than drinking straight from the tap. I found this new 9 stage system and I can’t find anything on the current market which come close to this system’s ultrafiltration membrane. So, I ordered one unit right sway. Their assembly instructions online were quite helpful. After one week of using it, I am truly impressed with the taste or should I say…

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