Aqua Hydrate, 1 Liter, 12 Count

AquaHydrate is made through a proprietary, multi-step process in which water is purified to rigorous standards, raised to an alkaline pH of 9+, and then supplemented with electrolytes and minerals. AquaHydrate is the only bottled water on the market with this unique combination of purity, electrolytes, minerals and alkalinity.

Product Features

  • Alkaline pH of 9+
  • Supplemented with electrolytes and minerals
  • Relied on by professional athletes
  • Alkaline pH of 9+^Supplemented with electrolytes and minerals^Relied on by professional athletes

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3 thoughts on “Aqua Hydrate, 1 Liter, 12 Count

  1. Smoothest water I ever had This is the finest tasting water I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried them all – REALWATER, QURE, NEO, Essentia, you name it. The others are technically good, but there can only be one best tasting water, and that would be Aqua Hydrate. The thing is, it has ZERO aftertaste. It goes down smoother than silk and leaves a remarkable finish in your mouth. Any taste on your tongue is non-existent. The transparency of its water molecules is just amazing. Even more astonishing is the slight use of…

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