APEX RF-1050 Alkaline Filter Cartridge

Replacement Cartridge for APEX MR-1050 Countertop Alkaline Filter
Made in USA.

Alkaline Water has a higher pH level than plain tap water. Proponents say that it can neutralize acid in your bloodstream, boost your metabolism and help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Alkaline water can help prevent diseases and slow the aging process. It also helps slow bone loss.

The Countertop Drinking Water Filter is a revolutionary system that eliminates impurities that impact the color, taste and safety of drinking water, but it’s not just what it takes out of the water that you drink that makes it a must-have for the home. This filtration system also helps to balance the pH of water, making it alkaline to better suit your body chemistry. As a result, every sip of water you take provides you with antioxidant protection and offers purifying, detoxifying benefits that are a perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle.

Five Stage Filtration Process
Stage 1 – Remove Chloramines and Heavy metal and control microorganisms with KDF
Stage 2 – Removes Chlorine and Odor. Coconut shell activated carbon.
Stage 3 – Removes impurities and hydrates you body & adding minerals that our body does not produce such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium to name a few.
Stage 4 – Removes Chlorine and odor.
Stage 5 -Increases alkalinity and lowers acidity with Calcite which many nutritionists recommend.

*Note: Replacement Cartridge only. Counter Top Water Filter System Sold Separately by Apex.

Product Features

  • Removes Chlorine taste and odor, Heavy Metal and controls Microorganisms in your drinking water.
  • Hydrates your body while adding minerals that our body does not produce such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium to name a few.
  • Perfect solution for household of any size. Easy installation. Filter effectively removes hundreds of contaminants from water.

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3 thoughts on “APEX RF-1050 Alkaline Filter Cartridge

  1. Tips for replacing the filter after 6 months. This is a great filter, and I won’t go into detail as many others have here. What I do want to write is how to get the thing open when it comes time to replace the filter… I have seen in the reviews that many others have had problems with this. Here’s what finally worked for me:1. Unscrew the spout and the white line on either side of the base, they will just get in the way, and it’s impossible to drain with them on.2. Drain the housing of any water. The water will only flow out…

  2. I’m extremely pleased with this filter! So far, I’m extremely pleased with this filter cartridge. I purchased it to replace a more expensive alkaline and carbon filter cartridge that I would have been stuck buying one every 6 months. Fortunately, that filter that I purchased was not supposed to be sold or available to California residents (probably hadn’t been tested by the California Water Resources Board). I thought I would be stuck and not able to get a replacement cartridge, but I researched many cartridges and found that I…

  3. They know how to treat a customer! What I like the most is the quality and function of this US made water filter. Really looks good on counter in clear filter base, does an excellent job filtering, and lasts for a reasonable period. Have read some complaints in replacing filters, but when followed instructions like draining and soaking prior to, the process was a snap. I did have to contact the company on a minor issue, and good news there is that they were ‘very responsive’ and quickly took care of it with a solution far…

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